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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#1
So I was reading those other wasteland stories like Doc Webb's and such. They were really cool, so I though I'd write some wastleland adventures. I set mine in the Capital Wasteland. I was gonna post it on Fallout 3 board but it's not as active so I'll post it here. Tell me what you think. I just wrote it.

July 6th, 2277, 12:38PM

// I found this thing near Vault 101. It was in a guy dressed in a Vault Suit outside the door.
Guess peopl do still live in there.
// Anyway, though I'd start making a holotape journal like the one on here.
<Click, Click>
// Says, "Doc Sarah's vault records," oh wait, wrong one. That's somethin' else.
"Doc Sarah's vault expereince," is the holotape journal. Let me play it.
// I am Sarah. Resident of Vault 101. The date is September 14th, 2276. I was--
// S---, guess it's corrupted. Ah well. So I was thinking since I'm heading out of Megaton
to explore the wasteland that I'd keep a journal of my expereinces. Holotapes are
easier and now since I found this Pip-Boy I can make them easily. I'll do one every night
starting tomorrow.
<Beep, beep, beep>
<Power: OFF>

I'll post day two in a second.
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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#2
July 7th, 2277, 11:21PM

// Back. I guess I 'oughtta tell who I am. My name is Victor Dunn. I lived in Megaton since
I was born. I am 17 years old. I wanted to explore the wasteland so here I am.
I'll recap today's events now. Ok, well I set up camp in the cave connecting Vault 101
and the wasteland. I'd like to go in the vault but it doesn't open. Anyway, around 11AM
I left and went outside. I was greeted by a Bloatfly. Little did he know that I happened
to have a 10MM Pistol. I shot it twice in the head and it squished to the ground. A Pistol
was nice against a Bloatfly, but not a Radscorp or Raiders. I decided to head back
to Megaton to see Moira. I purchased a Combat Shotgun and thirty shells. It cost me a
total of 356 caps. I had been saving for a while so it was no problem. I said bye and left.
// I'm eating Sugar Bombs right now.
// So I went back to the Vault's cave to collect my gear. I headed north and found a
destroyed town. I saw a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine and checked inside. There was
two Nuka-Colas and a..a.. Quantum? A Nuka-Cola Quantum. It glowed a bright blueish
color. I drank a regular Nuka-Cola and put the others in my pack.
// I checked around and found a house. I knocked and no one answered. I opened the door
A girl named Silver pointed a pistol at me. "Woah! I'm not gonna hurt you!" I screamed.
"Who the f--- are... wait I know you!" She screamed. She lowered the gun and continued,
"You're that kid from Megaton. What the f--- are you doing here?"
I replied with, "I left Megaton to explore. Why'd you leave? Moriarty is pissed! He sent
a guy to find you, "
"Well, f--- him. I left that a--hole. I'm tired of being a whore."
"How are you getting food and equipment here?" I asked.
"Actually, I need some more food. If you could help a girl out I'd appreiciate it,"
"Sure, I'll go back to Megaton and get you some things, how much?"
"This ought to cover it. Keep the change, " She handed me 160 caps. I left and went
back to Megaton. I bought a week's worth of food for 137 caps at the Brass Lantern.
I returned to Silver and gave her the food.
"Thanks, sugar." She said gratefully.
"No problem." I told her, "Need anything else?"
"No, I'm good. Thanks."
I then left. I was traveling and I saw a few guys in big clunky armor. It was painted
red and black. I went to talk to them.
"Go bother the Brotherhood or something," A girl in the armor told me.
"Uh.. ok then." I replied.
// I went back to the Vault 101 cave and set u camp. Here I am.
<Beep, beep, beep>
<Power: OFF>
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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#3
Day three.

July 8th, 2277, 9:56PM
// Well I'm not in Vault 101's cave tonight. I'm in DC. Well, whatever this place is.
Let me tell you what happened.
I arrived at a metro station at around 8AM, I armed my Shotgun and headed in.
I traveled through the tunnels and went up to a locked gate. I picked it and continued.
I saw a creature in the darkness. A.. ghoul? Yes, a ghoul. Not like Gob from Megaton but,
a... feral ghoul. It charged at me and swung his left arm at me and I fell back. I aimed
my shotgun at it and fired.
I missed.
I got back up and it charged at me. I kicked it and it fell back. I aimed my shotty at it's
chest and shot. It's torso exploded and left a hole. I then went on. I turned around and
it was still alive. I couldn't believe it. I took out my pistol and shot it twice in the head.
After I continured through to the surface, I saw another ghoul and shotgunned in the
head. It exploded. I continued to the surface. I saw a giant Super Mutant fighting a
Brotherhood of Steel guy. The Brotherhood guy was shooting a laser rifle at the Mutant's
Face. The creature fell down and died. I went after the Brotherhood guy but he was gone.
// So, it was about 8PM and I tried to find a place to sleep. I saw a collapsed building and
climbed in. I saw a man in a duster sitting inside. He saw me and went for his gun.
"I mean no harm. Looking for a place to sleep," I said.
"Yeah, sure. You can stay here. Name's Richard. You?
"Victor. Victor Dunn."
"Nice to meet 'cha."
Richard was a tall white guy with a scruffly beard. He told me that he was a Regulater.
I've heard of Regulaters. They're like the police of the old world.
Anyway, I guess it's time to sleep now.
<Beep, beep, beep>
<Power: OFF>

That's it for now.
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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#4
Two more days:

July 9th, 2277, 7:41PM
// So we went through another metro tunnel. It was filled with Mutants and Ghouls.
We fought four feral ghouls and two Super Mutants. The ghouls were simple for the two
of us, but the Super Mutants were like hell. We rolled. Ran. Ducked. And Shot.
They went down and we survived. Luckily. We looted an Assault Rifle and a Hunting
Rifle. Richard took the Assault Rifle and I took the Hunting Rifle. Richard and I are
heading to the Washington Monument to deliver a package from the Regulaters.
Richard said it was to repair the Galaxy News Radio Dish. It's been fuzzy lately.
Well that's all today.
<Beep, beep, beep>
<Power: OFF>

July 10th, 2277, 6:39PM
// We're at the monument. The Brotherhood controls this place. It's heavily guarded.
The repair parts in the package were good and helped the problem but didn't
fix it completely. Oh, we met a nice Ghoul on the way. His name was Joe and he was
heading to Underworld. I've heard of Underworld before. Gob, back at Megaton was
from there. We're going to head there tomorrow. It's only a few minutes from the
Monument, but there are heavy amounts of Super Mutants on the path. We conviced
a Brotherhood Paladin to escort us there. His name was Jameson. He was really odd.
time for me to go.
<Beep, beep, beep>
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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#5
July 11th, 2277, 11:03PM
// I can't believe it. Richard didn't make it. (Scream)
At least we got Joe here, though. God damn Muties. I can't f---ing believe it. I guess
I should explain what happened.
Well, we were on our way. We saw the Museum of History right there. Right there!
We were ambushed by two Muties. Jameson was shooting one. Joe and Richard were
shooting the other. I was heading around and loading my hunting rifle. Jameson melted
the one and was reloading his laser rifle. Joe was getting scared. He was backpedaling.
The mutant, in rage, grabbed Richard by the face and slammed his head into the ground.
It dissolved into the rubble.
"F---!" We screamed in unison. He was dead.
I popped a few shots into it's head and he screamed and died. We were heading to the
museum and three more mutants were chasing us screaming, "Get them!" A ghoul outside
the museum was shooting a laser rifle at them. Jameson turned around and shot while
backpeddling. I blindfired with my pistol, probably doing nothing.I heard two die in screams
and the ghoul screamed, "Hurry!"
I turned and took aim at the mutant's head. BAM. I took the shot. It's head exploded
in a frenzy of blood and brain.
We continued to meet the ghoul. Her name was Willow.
"You tourists aren't doing well out here." she said, "I see you lost a guy, sorry."
"Thanks for the assist." Jameson said to her. He didn't really care about Richard. He
didn't know him. And neither did I. But he was my first friend from the wastleland.
On to Underworld I guess. We entered the place and was greeted by a ghoul named
Winthrop. He told us he was in need of scrap metal. I grabbed some out of my pack.
and handed it to him.
"Thanks," he replied, "Here, take this." He handed me a Stimpak. I felt like s---, but I
didn't use it. I didn't need to.
"Any where we could spend the night?" I asked.
"Sure, ask Carol." He replied.
There were ghouls everywhere. I've never seen so many. Then again the only ghoul
I've ever seen was Gob. Well, not counting feral ghouls, of course.
I went to Carol's Place and asked for a room. She said it was 120 caps. I agreed. Joe
went to his long friend, Tulip. I checked my pack in my room.
I had:
1 Nuka-Cola
1 Nuka-Cola Quantum
1 10MM Pistol
1 Combat Shotgun
1 Hunting Rifle
13 10MM rounds
12 .32 rounds
26 Shells
3 Stimpaks
and 764 caps.
Well time to sleep.
<Beep, beep, beep>
<Power: OFF>

All for now.
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User Info: VortexContinuum

7 years ago#6
I think you're a little too excited! The pace seems to be quite manic; you should try to slow down and expand on the events that are happening.
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User Info: Thundawave

7 years ago#7
Ease on the pacing. and you'll have a nice story.
{NVBM} - Demigod :). In Love <3

User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#8
Alright. I'll work on it. Thanks.
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User Info: Grey9191

7 years ago#9
Actually, I'm starting to get a little sick of these.
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User Info: Manhunt21

7 years ago#10
July 12th, 2277, 1:08PM
// So I woke up at around 10. I went to the Concourse and saw a crowd. A girl named
Sydney was saying hi to a few of the residents. She wasn't a ghoul, though. I approached
her and said hi.
"So, you a ghoul ...?" She said comically.
"Nope, just a dude. What are you doing here? Spending the night like me?" I asked.
"Nah, I come here sometimes. Most ghouls don't hit on me, " She said, "I'm heading to
the archives to fetch this thing for a guy up at Rivet City."
"Rivet City?" I asked, I've heard of it, but didn't know where it was.
"Let me see that pip-boy o' yours?" She put here hand out. I complied, "Here."
She marked it and I thanked her.
"See you around, I guess." I said.
"Sure, by the way, what's you name? I'm Sydney."
She walked around to say hi to few people. I went back to my room to collect my pack.
After thinking. I decided to stay in Underworld for another day. I handed Carol another
120 and went back to my room.
I'll head to Rivet City tommorow.
<Beep, beep, beep.>
<Power: OFF.
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