How do you shoot?

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User Info: fergiedinho

7 years ago#11
I seems as though your using too much power! just tap the shoot button as quickly as you can and you shouldn't see any shots go over the bar!

User Info: gfxarts

7 years ago#12

I definitely think of it as a height gauge. However, I've never been completely satisfied with the aiming in PES. No matter how high your players accuracy it just feels like the computer analyzes the situation (stats position ect..) and decides if the shot goes in or not. Your job is to make sure you're in good position.. (open as posible facing the goal) place just enough height.. aim to one side or the other.. and pray the equation works out in your favor.

User Info: babasera

7 years ago#13
kaban shut up ive been playing since 2 its definately power
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User Info: kaban

7 years ago#14
whoa there guy, dont come at me over here. We've already settled this debate. If you want to come on here and be an ass, that's your business. I'm just going to pretend i didn't hear you. Why don't you go play sume everquest or something with your 12yr old buddies?
of course EVERYTHING looks bad if you remember it.
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