Smugness for no reason

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User Info: michaelchall

8 years ago#1
Everyone knows Barca players are a pain in the backside, but what gets me is the general smugness of the losers.
If you must pick Barca against my Fiorentina or Bordeaux or Wolves or what have you, feel ashamed that you've had to run 400 metres with Messi and run through tackles (that aren't possible) just to beat me 2-1 or something.
Hell, I'd be embarrassed that I didn't have the cojones to pick a similar level team, never mind when finally, at the 15th time of asking, you've managed to get Messi past my rubbish full-back, win three impossible one on ones then score a cut-back goal.
You losers know who you are. You should be ashamed.

User Info: Stuart510

8 years ago#2
Why are you angry? Nobody told you to pick any of those rubbish teams.
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User Info: SpiralHell

8 years ago#3

I hope you are not referring to spanish players who are real fans of Barça, because I know a lot of them in this game and they will probably pick Barça 90% of the time, which is a normal thing in my opinion (I am from Barcelona myself and Barça is my team no matter how good or bad they are in a game)

I don't know about you, but spanish people don't go around looking for the team who has the best stats in a game, we like to use our irl favourite team even if it's a piece of crap.
You think I would pick Real Madrid if they were better than Barça in a game? LOL I would rather having an slow death caused by an infection. We don't live football (soccer for you) like that.

It's not about cojones, it's about picking your favourite team.

Nevertheless, if your post is referring to people from every corner in the world who pick Barça 100% of the time ONLY BECAUSE IT HAS GREAT STATS, then they suck, and then my opinion will be the same as yours.

And don't get me wrong, I don't even play other online modes than Legends, so I don't even use any teams, but I would like to know if you are complaining about everyone or only about an small group.

User Info: michaelchall

8 years ago#4
Barca are a convenient team to be a fan of, let's be honest.
If you're a Tenerife fan, you don't play as Tenerife very often, because not many people will give you a fair game.
If you are Catalan, then playing as Barca is acceptable I suppose, but there are 100 plus teams in the game and a little bit of variety doesn't hurt does it? If someone wants to play you as their favourite team, say Lancashire Claret (Burnley) you should have the good grace to give them a game with something similar.
It's tedious, because no matter how good Messi is, he doesn't, in real life, beat five men, cut back, dribble again, track back all game and run miles with the ball. Barca pass the ball, Messi performs magic when he gets in space.
Barca players exploit the game and it is annoying.

User Info: SpiralHell

8 years ago#5
Hmm I agree with you on certain things.

Maybe Barça is a convenient team to be a fan of nowadays, but only the suckers pick that team for that reason.

Real Barça fans would pick it no matter how good or bad is the team in a game, trust me, because no one changes teams here in real life, we follow one team since we are kids and that never changes, so don't take it bad if an spanish player is using Barça.

On the other hand, if you say that everyone (no matter if spanish or whatever) only uses Messi and try to dribble everyone for the whole match, then he is also a sucker, I am with you now. And not because it's impossible to stop him, but because it will make the match too boring.

Oh and about Messi in real life...I must disagree lol that guy is a demon and can get through any defense, 4, 5, 6...the more defenders you toss on him the better he will be lol

Anyway, no one can blame people who uses the team they really love, the feeling is too strong. People even fight on the streets defending the colours of their respective team, you know that.

And yeah you are right, maybe a Barça-Lancashire match is not fair, but you can't really get mad at everyone who uses Barça, because real fans supported the team in the worst moments, so now they deserve to enjoy.

But the fake fans who popped now...that makes me angry man, I am with you here. People like that don't even love soccer, they just want to win in a videogame.

Sorry for the big post dude, just wanted to explain that the only people you must hate are the fake fans ^^

User Info: michaelchall

8 years ago#6
^^^ not quite what I mean, but fair point.
Hell, I've decided if you cant beat them join them at times.
It's still only a computer game though. So is it not fun to pick a team you haven't used before to play against someone with a similar team? Fenehrbace v Galatasary, for example. Le Mans v Grenoble etc etc. You find you have to play differently and can have great fun finding a good player you've never heard of.
Just give these other teams a chance, is what I say. Try Fulham, for example. They have some great players (Andy Johnson and Damien Duff and Simon Davies and Brade Hangeland,). It is painful when you get beat by someone with a lesser team who is really good you take your medicine.
Best player I ever played against played with one of the Russian teams on PES 2009. He 'only' had 550 points but passed, moved and did everything proper. Far better getting beaten by him than someone who knows how to cut back and dribble with Messi and the others.

User Info: SpiralHell

8 years ago#7
Yes I totally agree with you there, picking other teams is funny, specially when using weak teams because that makes the game harder, but people usually does that offline when playing with friends, because you never know what kind of people you will find online.
Is really hard to find fair people, so real fans of good teams are not gonna give that chance to the other guy just in case, and I think it's reasonable.

But the problem is still the false fans.If everyone used their favourite team, online wouldn't be ruined like seems it is. Every fake fan is obsessed with winning so they pick great teams even if they don't like them, and because of that you end up seeing too many Barças around. That makes people angry and I really understand that...

I don't know man, I understand how you feel, I felt the same with other kind of games.
WIth fighting games for example, almost everyone use the same broken characters, exploiting bugs just to win, or disconnecting when they are gonna lose...obsessed people like that will always exist online and we can't really do nothing but to try to enjoy with the characters, teams, etc we like, even if we lose.

I can only recommend you to not join them, because that would ruin the fun for you. Unless you really like those teams in real life of course, in that case you would have fun.

Anyway, slap for the obsessed and praise for people who use their loved team even if it's a bad one, that's how everyone online should be.

User Info: jacksprat1990

8 years ago#8
I'm a Man Utd fan but if someone wanted to be someone like Wolves, it's good sportsmanship to be a similar team. How can people not get bored of being the same team anyway?

User Info: AquaticFanatic

8 years ago#9
haha.....there is NO sportmanship in this gaming world. everybody is so obssessed with winning. what i HATE about these messi/ ronaldo/ kaka (always with these same players) worshippers is they want an easy win.

i usually choose jpn yet these shameless bullies uses teams like brazil/ england/ argentina. using these weak teams, stopping & frustrating them from scoring is more fun than playing to their whims. managed quite a few draws & occasional win, that'll teach em.....i know this is anti-football but what to do?

though there are a few gracious ppl that cooperate.......thanks to them i can enjoy playing the game as the way it is supposed to be.....

User Info: ReggieBush09

8 years ago#10
Barca kills you baby.
not changing this sig to the lakers win back to back titles.
LA Lakers
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