Anyone play this yet?

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User Info: connmen

8 years ago#1
It's out today. Any impressions?

User Info: bka4u2c_basic

8 years ago#2
I was thinking the same thing. I want a new baseball game for my PSP since I have 2K9 for PC. I bought the Show for PSP last year but when I saw this was coming out for PSP I figured I would wait and see how thee reviews are.

User Info: atman7

8 years ago#3
ive got it will try it out later

User Info: ReggieBush09

8 years ago#4
^why later dawg?

i want impressions now
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User Info: DutchFaceKilla

8 years ago#5
eager for anyone's thoughts on the PSP version. I've got the 360 version in my hands now, but would consider buying a portable version too if its good.

pathetic how 2K can never coordinate the reviews of their games to hit the day before or day of release. then again, probably a strategic move to avoid negative reviews.

User Info: TommyEOL

8 years ago#6
psp version doesn't have ad-hoc or any online feature U_U

User Info: Sandman25251975

8 years ago#7
I played it, Im gonna wait for a scan so I can see what buttons do. Graphics are decent, sound is ok but nothing major.

It would be 10x better if I knew what did what.
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User Info: atman7

8 years ago#8
sorry didn't have time earlier to play had work to do

had a quick game on exhibition mode the game played a lot similar to the old one which is good sounded a lot better with commentary and was quite fun. Although I suck at it after not playing it for ages now, but its got a pretty decant arcadey feel to it.

User Info: Jeffrox

8 years ago#9
modes, depth, career mode?
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User Info: Gawd_Orton

8 years ago#10
It is exactly the same as the last game on psp. It seriously is a roster update.

I believe the pick up game option is new though.
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