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User Info: Gilthanis

12 years ago#1
Okay, by now I am sure that many of the people on this board have at least played this lovely little game. Many of you have already beaten it and moved on to the minigames. I have found a strategy for The Last Stand that has not failed yet.

In the Last Stand, you get a set amount of sun at the start, 5000 units. This is more than enough for a row of Gatling Repeaters, a second row containing five repeaters and a peashooter (Place the peashooter in one of the two lily pads so it's handling a lower-traffic zone.), and a complete row of Torchwoods for your third row.

Obviously, your plant selection will include Peashooters, repeaters, the Gatling repeater upgrade, torchwoods and lily pads. I suggest grabbing potato mines and the spikemoss...or whatever it's called.

You will not have enough sun at the start to place four potato mines. Place as many directly in front of the torchwoods as you can. After the first run is complete, remove the peashooter and use the solar energy you just gained to replace it with a repeater.

Now sit back, collect your coins, and replace any potato mines that get blown up by football zombies or ladder zombies. Screen door zombies move too slow, but offer their shielding to these faster and more durable zombies and this is why you have those potato mines there.
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User Info: Evil_Worm

12 years ago#2
Great detailed strategy. ^_^

I didn't get myself the Gatling Repeater so I had to use a different one.


Didn't have cash for the Threepeaters at the start, I got them at round 2 and 3.
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User Info: MegaPoke2

12 years ago#3
I had a pretty similar setup as well. Though using the Gattling Repeater is more costly than having two Repeaters, I felt like giving it a try since I hadn't used one yet before.

Mine consisted of a column of Gattling Repeaters, Threepeaters on row 2 and 5, a column of Torchwoods, then a column of Tall-nuts. Not many zombies even got to the Tall-nuts, but one of the ladder zombies did get close to getting through the tall-nut defenses.
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User Info: google_monkey

12 years ago#4
i thought u was talking about "Left 4 Dead"

User Info: Crystalas

12 years ago#5
My Strategy was

1-2 rows of Repeaters (Gatling if have the money for it)
1 Row Torch Wood
1 Row Watermelons
1 Row Magnets
1-2 Rows of Tallnuts
1 Row Spikeweed
Pumpkins or Squashes as a failsafe

With that setup I only lost 1 plant during the entire time. The watermelons with their high damage and splash damage them all greatly and the on fire repeaters finish them off with help of the spikeweed for whatever reaches the nuts.

The magnets help a lot, having a full row and so close to the spawn guarantees that there will always be one to take away a zombies protection or a ladder.

User Info: matoda

12 years ago#6
Hmmm... not really sure if it's random or not, but I got through from start to finish with this set-up - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d170/cbfatm/pvz_laststand.jpg

That's exactly how it is from start to finish [other than damage], so yeah. Not sure why you'd buy gatling peas instead of just two repeaters since it's cheaper.

I'm going to play around with it a bit to see if I can get some money magnets in there. Ultra-lazy ;D
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User Info: matoda

12 years ago#7
Sorry for the double-post, but here's my take on 'Last Stand - Hands-free'


You can leave it running with no problems. Just start with putting spikeweed on the furthest rows, then use whatever sun you get between rounds to add more before 'onslaughts' - since it can't be -completely- hands-free anyway, you have to click to continue between rounds.

Only thing is that the magnet doesn't suck up zen garden plants. Oh well.
You look well, child.

User Info: Billmaan

12 years ago#8
I prefer this setup: http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/9339/pvz.jpg

You'll need to replace the garlic every round, and you might have to replace a pumpkin or two near the end.

The setup as pictured requires 9 seed slots, but if you drop the magnets you only need 7. The downside is that you'll get carpal tunnel from clicking coins.

User Info: Shaidon

12 years ago#9
Here is mine:

50% of the challenge is made by the game. The other fifty, by the player.

User Info: Shaidon

12 years ago#10
Gloom-shroom is so over! Your setup is great, Billmaan!
50% of the challenge is made by the game. The other fifty, by the player.
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