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chad1h9 11 years ago#1
Hey, I've been working on this patch off and on for the past month for myself and thought I'd share.

There are a few things that you need to know that happens when patching the iso.
1. The continue function on the main menu kills the game but breaks nothing, and if your like me you'll never even use this.
2. On the turn end menu if you press up going from 'End Turn' to 'Save', the game will freeze. I'm not sure why this happens only on this menu but it's easy to avoid when you know about it.
3. Items, skills and conversation text wasn't translated as it's hidden somewhere in the iso I can't seem to find.
4. A lot of the text is heavily abbreviated as I don't know how to hack the iso so I'm over writting a lot of text that's 3 letters long but I need 4 letters.

Other than that, have fun.
OKMOL 11 years ago#2
So basically you translated the game menu and other function in the game.Good work I thought nobody would care translating thing in queen blade game.
I remember there is one file to allow you to extract the whole game file and you can find the text file in the game.
LordSeymour77 11 years ago#3
This might sound stupid, but how does one put this onto a PSP disk?
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chad1h9 11 years ago#4
Yes, I was hoping to have done the whole game and the menu text was in the right file but nothing else. There was a strange second font that popped up in a couple of text lines that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Who knows maybe I'll be able to find it eventually but I'm not holding my breath.

You can't put this onto a UMD unless you have some sort of UMD writer that I've never seen. You need to pull the iso from the disk (or go find it on the net if thats your style) apply the patch, resave it and put in on your memcard.
OKMOL 11 years ago#5
I have download your file, your file cannot auto patch like Monster hunter freedom, when drag the file into the PSP memory card and click the game. I don.t have UMDGen, how can I patch?
chad1h9 11 years ago#6
Well I've got no clue how monster hunter does that, but here's a link where you can download UMDGen. It's a very simple program to use.

OKMOL 11 years ago#7
I have patched the game with the English menu patch, it seem that whenever I use Cw cheat on it, the game will freeze when I end the game. The load function is not working properly and the continue function in the main menu that what you say early in the post.But the menu is nicely translated, Good job. If only the game can be translated, it would be better.
OKMOL 11 years ago#8
About the loading of save game, I try it. It is working.When in Free battle/story mode when I press end turn my PSP autofreeze and blackout, but I have find a way to bypass it. Just press start in your psp and press end turn then it will not freeze.
chad1h9 11 years ago#9
Well I've never run into that problem myself. It might have something to do with cwcheat as changing a single letter in the game broke everything I mentioned before, I can't iagine how much more cwcheat messes with the game. For all I know there are different versions of the game out there too that work differently with my patch.
SeraphChaos 11 years ago#10
Is this possible to apply without CFW?
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