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7 years ago#1
I was pleasantly surprised to see Aksys selling a PSP game in North America, seeing that the industry here views the PSP as obsolete and hardly any new physical (non-download-only) games are being made for it. Be fair, the PSP handheld console is close to being nine years old (released in Japan in 2004), and that's a long run for a video game console.

Aksys did a terrific job importing Gladiator Begins in 2010, a wonderful sword fighting game, set in the ancient Roman arenas and Aksys made a terrific port of Muramasa Rebirth to the PS Vita, so they have a good reputation of sword fighting games. Looking at a few YouTube videos, I saw some scenes of Hakuoki: Warriors Of The Shinsengumi and it looked like a pretty good samurai action and fighting game. But I bought this sequel to try it out because it was far less expensive.

Well, I found out this was not an action game, but a story-driven girl's romance game with decision-dependant gameplay, sort of like those old pick-your-path books where you make decisions that influence the progression of the story. Refreshing to see such a different kind of game being marketed in the US (games in Japan have a wider variety than what we get), but this game can be a bit deceptive as it looks like a samurai action game, not an anime-themed visual novel.

I should have checked the description in GameFAQs before making that purchase.
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