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User Info: sorenlovesike

8 years ago#1
Okita was the one I was interested in from the beginning and I was TRYING to make pro-Okita decisions (without the use of a FAQ). And yet, Chapter 2 just concluded and I seem to be on Saito's path. My romance with Saito has gone up twice... none for the others. Is it too late to go for Okita or should I stick with Saito?

I'll be following a FAQ from now on...

User Info: Galdrar

8 years ago#2
You're not locked into any path until Chapter 4, but you need to have seen specific scenes for a character in the first 3 chapters (some of which don't even give you any romance points, IIRC) to end up on his path. If you're already in Chapter 3 and haven't increased Okita's romance AT ALL, then yes, I suggest you stick with Saito, or get the normal/solo path out of the way.

Remember you can quicksave (with L, and reload with R) before making decisions...if you don't mind save-scumming that is, so you don't have to use an FAQ if you don't want to.

User Info: sorenlovesike

8 years ago#3
Thanks for the information. I guess I didn't really know the mechanics before I started the game. I'm still going to try for Okita in this playthrough... if I botch it, I botch it, and I suppose I'll end up alone *sigh*

I think I'd go for Hijikata on the next playthrough. NONE of the decisions I've made would put me on his route.
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