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User Info: overlordofemo

8 years ago#1

I've heard that the DVDs may start to release at some point in the Fall, though I don't have a source for that.

User Info: Sakura_Rose91

8 years ago#2
Oh boy let's hope they don't mess up. Don't get me wrong dubs don't normally bother me but sometimes getting the wrong person messes up the character.

User Info: yukito

8 years ago#3
Well, it'll have subs and the JP vocal track, so if you don't like the dub it's not a huge loss.
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User Info: SamsSung

8 years ago#4
Oh, I REALLY hope the DVD comes out soon! I've just done one playthrough so far, and am on a second runthrough. The series is brilliantly done, though I wish it had been dubbed into English.

Well, here's to hoping it turns out alright.
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The first season comes out September 25.
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User Info: Yamato_san

8 years ago#6
yukito posted...
Well, it'll have subs and the JP vocal track, so if you don't like the dub it's not a huge loss.

that's true, but outside of Funimation, few anime are even dubbed anymore, so I guess some people would be concerned with them screwing it up (and, at worst, sparking enough of a negative reception that it warrants the company to not bother dubbing again). For the record, I greatly prefer subs, but dubs are alright (though I'll rarely go out of my way to watch them when I already saw the original, they provide a nice bit of variety on the occasions that I do). I can see why there are some fans, and really, there's little point arguing over which is superior just so long as we can have the option. That said, it's a bit of a shame that they're barely around nowadays.
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