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User Info: FinalFLuver

3 years ago#1
Just a warning to all those who want to unlock the boundary edge (true end) as well as have all the items registered to the shop (all possible items that is).

They cannot BOTH be done without playing through the game twice.

Also, if you do indead want both, then you MUST do the shop registry in the FIRST playthrough, and the true end in the SECOND.

I got the true end on my first playthrough (normal), and wanted to go to extra mode to do the shop registry in that playthrough, but true ends do not permanently open up the boundary plane. In other words, it doesnt carry across saved games. So i needed to get true ending AGAIN in extra mode in order to unlock the boundary plane again.

But since i wanted the registry, i had to play the damn game over again, and as a result, i had to play the game 3 times to unlock everything.

-got true end on normal to unlock boundary plane (1st play; wrong)
-went to extra thinking i could unlock registry
-realized i needed to get true end on the extra playthrough to unlock boundary plane, thus could not do registry
-replayed normal playthrough again to unlock all possible registry items in shop (1st play; correct - 2nd play total)
-went to extra mode and got true end to unlock boundary plane (2nd play; correct - 3rd play total)

Following the wiki for the walkthrough and true end didnt make a single mention of the registry items. I only found out about it because i was skimming the boards and internet. Not a single thread or website out there indicates that if you want both, then you should NOT follow the true end guide on your first playthrough. Only the japanese website mentioned it







Put the entire link together (first line connects to second line, etc). I had to split it cause of gamefaqs dumbass rules
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  3. True end, shop registry, bonus dungeons
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