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User Info: legefy

6 years ago#1
So far my experience has felt like I've been stuck underleveled in a pretty endless grind. I don't think I'm too long into the game, only I think about three or four bosses in, but battles seem to take so long and I can't seem to find any way to progress faster. Then each time I do come across some boss or large enemy everyone seems to just drop dead.
I stopped playing for a good few months but I really want to give Agarest a chance. Are there any tips or advice you can give me that I might be missing?
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User Info: Rankaira

6 years ago#2
I had the same problem as you for quite a while(I got this in April), I finally beat normal today.

Have you been raising vit regularly? While no amount of hp will stop a concentrated attack or EX, it'll help with splash damage from weaker attacks.

During boss battles, try to get the enemies to attack 1-2 characters per round & be sure to revive them before the next round(You'll gain SP quickly). Also during the early rounds, use Grasses & Cure Grasses to raise your sp enough for Ex1 or Ex2 attacks. Bosses also gain sp very quickly so position your characters so only one to two are effected(probably what's causing your party wipes)

Equipment & Skills are far more important than raising stats in the long run. Attaching passives such as Str+x/Int+x will help as well as resist paralysis & sleep(the most annoying status effects). Upgrading your skills helps tremendously as well as using combination attacks(check agarest wiki for combinations). I was having trouble(3-4 characters dead per battle) during the 2nd gen because I was mostly using the 1st tier skills and once I upgraded them to the best available I was able to 2-3 round most fights with nobody dead.

At your point, enemies with Parry & Magic Barrier are popping up. I haven't found any of the "absolute hit" skills(maybe it requires a specific willpower?) so just hit them with the opposite attack type or use an EX attack.
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