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User Info: Scraps

6 months ago#1
Here are some of mine:

  • The Song of Birds. Play it near a dove, and the dove will fly over and perch on Link's head. Play it near some Cuccos, and they'll all form a line behind Link, referencing the Bremen Mask from Majora's Mask.
  • The appearance of characters from Phantom Hourglass was kind of cool, but I think there should have been more of them, as well as some from The Wind Waker, too.
  • If you have the Skull Engine equipped, Link will use the whistle to play snippets from certain songs whenever you leave a dungeon.
  • I liked the different environments, and how the four main realms each had a tribe of people native to them.
  • I thought the implementation of Zelda as Link's partner was handled nicely. I never felt like the game was showing her off or trying too hard to be subversive; it really felt natural to have her at Link's side. And I like that the two of them genuinely feel like good friends, even though they don't always get along perfectly and don't have a lot in common.
  • Speaking of which, being able to control the Phantoms was really fun, even if one of the puzzles surrounding the Wrecker Phantoms' inability to carry things didn't make a lot of sense.
  • And speaking of which again, I loved seeing all of the humorous things the other Phantoms would say when Zelda spoke with them. I even found one who talks about how much he misses his puppy.
  • Even though the premise felt a bit lazy, the music and environment when you went underneath the ocean were both very pleasant.
  • The Sand Wand was probably my favorite item in the game.
  • Once again, the Gorons were probably my favorite tribe in the game. I love their humorous dialogue and sidequests; my favorite is the one where one of them wants to be taken to Anouki Village, and ends up squatting in the house of the village honcho.
  • I only did this once or twice, I swear, but I think it's funny seeing Zelda's annoyance building to rage the more you attack her Phantom armor, eventually resulting in her trying to attack you in return. I only wish that it weren't so easy to placate her afterward, since all you need to do is stand over a sand pit or near a flight of stairs, which causes her to sink down or follow you to the next floor, and then she's fine again. They really should have designed it so that you couldn't leave the floor and would need to take a hit in order to calm her down.
  • Conversely to the above, I like the way Zelda says "That's a nice song," whenever you play the flute inside the Tower of Spirits.
  • And speaking of the flute, the way you can briefly pause the fight with Byrne by playing the Spirit Flute, which causes him to freeze up as he remembers the sound of it; that always made me wonder whether he had some fonder memories of when he was still Anjean's apprentice, if hearing the flute again was enough to make him do that.
  • Aboda Village being framed as some kind of sleepy little retirement community, with Zelda and her teacher both commenting on how unlikely it would be that she could ever live there.
  • Your ability to troll the enemy trains by parking just outside their programmed patrol routes, causing them to keep turning around and traversing the same length of track when they just have to turn at the fork in order to get to you.
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User Info: SS4kronos33

2 months ago#2
the warps.....they look like stargates.hell i call them stargates
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  3. Little things you lke about this game?
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