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User Info: jgfan4ever24

9 years ago#1
I think this Is awful. The Gameplay is a 2 out of 10
Sound is a 3 out of 10
Graphix is a 1 out of 10
Fun Factor is a 1 out of 10
Replay Value is 1 out of 10

Gameplay the game for this game is awful too many miss passes Running is choppy Defence looks like there lost
Sound the band music is nice other then that its sucks u can hear nothing on the field
Graphix there is too many bugs in this game tackles players go threw other players the game looks like a n64 game
Fun Factor the half time show its like playing rockband with no guitar or drums
Replay Value i just would come back to this game Buy madden 10 or any madden or ncca game there way better then this game

This Game Makes me wish i was not Black. if u have 39.99 or what ever this game cost new i got it used for 21 buy something else anything is better then this

User Info: b1gt0ne

9 years ago#2
i heard gamestop is giving $.10 trade in value + 20%.

User Info: Paladin_Luna

9 years ago#3
Why did you make this topic? I enjoyed seeing this board with no active posts since February.
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