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User Info: magicyte_2

9 years ago#1
I'm really confused...I went to gamestop cause this came looked pretty cool...well worth $90.00 in my opinion. However, I couldn't find it. I asked the guy at the counter and told me "just a minute"....then he bent down and grabbed a copy from underneath the counter and handed it to me. Is this normal? Is this game known as a high risk theft item?

Oh well, either way I bought it and am loving ever minute of it. It's so awesome to see classic players like Willy Brown, Ben Johnson, and Fats Domino on the field again.

User Info: sqearl76

9 years ago#2
$90? Are you nuts? They have it behind the counter so no one steals it......

User Info: CrossHanded

9 years ago#3
If you look at earlier threads it was stated that Gamestops were told by the corporate office to make this game less visible, and take down promo materials (being related to a word in the title), I dont think its a high theft item, but the fact it doesn't usually even get a display box to let people know the store carries it, is rather discriminatory :/

I got it for my birthday but haven't seen it on a store shelf, and I haven't seen it used either.
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