Just discovered a game breaking glitch...

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User Info: skids71

8 years ago#1
Ok so I just played a game with my friend, he scores a TD and goes to kickoff to me when something crazy happens. Instead of hitting the formation option I accidentally hit the freshman option, it was here that i was amazed. Instead of giving me the standard kick return option I got some regular defensive plays. I picked one and on the kickoff my team was lined up right at the ball like I was playin defense. He tried to kick off and everybody rushed the line and I got the ball right at that spot.

We tested it out and it seems it will always work as long as the PAT is attempted from the field goal formation ie. FIELD GOAL,FAKE FIELD GOAL RUN/PASS
I suggest you give a try, its quite ridiculous.
~I'm out like a boner in sweatpants

User Info: KKrush9974

8 years ago#2
When i got home, i tried this out against the computer. Not the same result! I let the CPU score a td and i wanted to block their kickoff, but i could only pick KO return.

User Info: skids71

8 years ago#3
Really, well than I guess it only works in 2 player games
~I'm out like a boner in sweatpants

User Info: magicyte_2

8 years ago#4
I'm not sure it was in the budget to have another option besides "KO Return"
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