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User Info: sqearl76

9 years ago#11
"only racists see racism."

~I'll remember that the next time a black or hipanic cries about .........well pretty much everything & anything and then blame it on racism.~

User Info: RedHawk4

9 years ago#12
If only racists see racism, then isn't HE a racist for saying that a "White College Football" game would be racist?

"Look at all the EA and 2K games. The white people have the better stats."

Adrian Peterson, Jamal Lewis, Chad Ochocinco (Johnson), Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Larry Fitzgerald, Ray Lewis...shall I go on?

User Info: ApexMjolnir

9 years ago#13
I don't care about the racism... is the game good?

Eventually someone will soapbox this game and it will get pulled from the shelves... which is probably the developers reasoning behind making a game that segregates a way of life, from something that could be mainstream.

After the game gets pulled from the shelves, it will RISE in popularity, due to many people wanting to be part of history, and it will become VIDEO GAME history, and likely be a VERY hard game to get your hands on... If this becomes the case, I want to get it now, while I can, and while it is still cheap.
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User Info: garcia_jx

9 years ago#14
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User Info: magicyte_2

9 years ago#15
Lets keep the topic about the gameplay ladies. You don't want to get banned for making fun of a simplistic game using n64 graphics and the game engine from techno bowl.
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