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User Info: louzero

8 years ago#1
Im confused about this. Arnt somewhere around 90% of all college football players black anyways? Why make this? "Because people who attended HBC's want to play as THEIR teams!" Well, I live in Houston and have been on Texas Southern University's campus several times and half the kids there are wearing OU or Texas shirts. Im just so puzzled......

Well I guess the white kids who blast the Wal-Mart purchased censored Jay-z and Kanye albums, while driving in their parents Acura's need a game to relate to.

User Info: sourcerah

8 years ago#2
#1. What is wrong with a person wanting to play with the school they attend or their alma mater in a video game? I'm sure theres athletes who play Div 2 football tha want to be in a videogame. #2. It is not about the percentage of black college football players, it's about the experience at an HBCU football game which differs from the "traditional" college football games. #3 What does it matter what shirts the students on Texas Southern University's campus are wearing? That is completely irrelevant. Unless you think that if half of them were wearing TSU shirts, you wouldnt b so puzzled...

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