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User Info: trailblaza247

9 years ago#1
short passes and screen passes need to be fixed...

User Info: sourcerah

9 years ago#2
What is it about the short and screen passes that you believe needs to be fixed? I'm not asking because I disagree but I am just curious to see which aspects of the game you think needs improvement and why.

User Info: shawtownballer

9 years ago#3
The defensive AI needs improving BADLY. They rarely block and get tangled up easily, leaving gapping holes that the AI running backs plow though with ease. You can't catch up to an offensive player if they break loose so don't even bother trying.

Screen passes, like he said, are nearly broken. If you don't time the pass perfectly then the guy won't catch the ball even if he's wide open. This was really frustrating.

Interceptions. I swear, I threw 9 interceptions in the first game I played. It was ridiculous.

This game is alright when playing against a real person, but against the computer, its just unfair. Even on the easiest difficulty level I got my ass handed to me.
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