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  3. SO, I've finally played the game and........

User Info: ace8479

9 years ago#1

it would be awesome if it didn't have football in it. The Rock Band aspect of the halftime shows and drumline challenges are great. The football gameplay is the equivalent to Tecmo Bowl. They really should have just made it about the bands and it would have been better.

User Info: Susumurin

9 years ago#2
At least they were smart enough to make those modes playable without going through games. I don't really have a big problem with the arcade game play though. There are things I do have issues with though, that's just not really one of them.
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User Info: quadboy123

9 years ago#3
yes the football suck but ill keep playing cuz of the band.

User Info: jedikevin2

9 years ago#4

I found the football perfect. Reminds me heavly on NFL 2k5. Overall a good game that many will not try due to its name or even when they try will already be thinking of it as crap before even starting a game. Glad the fan base for the game is strong. Was in BR and Ruston in last few days. Game selling dang well. Granted BR is hometown of Southern University and Ruston is next to Grambling University. Overall a good game that captures and depicts a good representation of the HBCU schools and should do well in areas of the country where people understand, watch, or know about hbcu schools.

User Info: wEEman33_VI

9 years ago#5
It's really a shame that there's no online modes in this.

The CPU is a horrible opponent, but the game is a lot of fun in head to head mode.

It's like they combined the Xs and Os of the early 2K games (2K1 - 2K3) with the turn-on-a-dime, arcade gameplay of Tecmo Super Bowl.
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User Info: kevcola11

9 years ago#6
I happen to agree with you alot but it would be even better if all of the HBCU's were in the game. It really sucks from that stand point because Morgan, Howard are no show's in this game and even when EA did HBCU's some justice back in the day it was all good. Maybe Doug just mad that Morgan use to kick Grambling but back then and the diss was necessary. Just kidding, well I hope they do it again soon and put all the schools and bands in and who cares who don't like it.

User Info: jedikevin2

9 years ago#7

Just a FYI. The HBCU teams not represented either did not want to or the game makers did not buy the liscense for the conference. There was some problems like that when the pc version came out. Some stated they did not want to be in it, a league or 2 did not want to be, and I believe the company didn't get enough money to get a full conference liscence.

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  3. SO, I've finally played the game and........
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