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User Info: GeraKhan

9 years ago#181
Okay, Chris McDohl I concede that foods are about culture--- and race, well race is about nothing--because, really, you can't prove that it's real(Would you believe it's a 19th century construct?). Everything is culture wrapped in ethnicity (or vice versa for some). The human race is so mixed and mushed that "race" doesn't even matter after a few generations--it only matters because we want it to matter--it's EASY to deal with others when you reduce them to what they look on the outside. But man, did you just read what you wrote? "Call it HBCU"---just reduce "blackness" to an Acronym so you don't even have to say the word "black." I mean, given your observation about food and culture, it would be okay to call the game "The African-American College Xperience" Right? I mean, you just think "black" is a racist term. I mean, you must HEAR "black power" or "black panther" when people say "black"--that can be the only explanation.

You know, I can understand where YOU are coming from--RACIAL DUALISM IS SIMPLE and SILLY. I think, though, people have associated the word "black" with African-American or people of African-descent for quite some time now. I think the INTENT of the name is to embrace people of a particular demographic that may find the game appealing.

You see, internet arguments, DON'T have to be filled with anger--reason and empathy can do wonders.

User Info: sqearl76

9 years ago#182
" I mean, you just think "black" is a racist term. I mean, you must HEAR "black power" or "black panther" when people say "black"--that can be the only explanation."

~Well this is what the media and schools would have you believe. When I was growing up black people were "black" not "african american", so with this political correctness infecting humanity then yes calling someone black is racist. That's what they tell my son in school, not to address them as black cuz it's WRONG but rather african-american. Bunch a BS.~

User Info: Chris_McDohl

9 years ago#183
My black friends hate being called African American. I asked them out of curiosity one day and they said "Heck no. I've never even been to Africa!" In any case, I don't find the word "Black" racist. I just find that if anything is labeled as "White" it gets grilled and there shouldn't be a double standard. That is all.
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User Info: sqearl76

9 years ago#184
^^^Correct......I guess they just don't understand and probably never will.

User Info: mets09v7

9 years ago#185

From: Snipes_2 | #006
I agree. If there was a "White Football Experience" the company publishing it would get sued until they were wiped off the planet (Not to mention all the News channels and what have you). Honestly, Resident got ostracized because you were in AFRICA killing FICTIONAL black zombies.

Actually that wouldn't happen...

There have been white supremacist games to come out before. What would likely happen is it wouldn't get a publisher and have to become an independent game... but nobody would sue the makers.
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User Info: GeraKhan

9 years ago#186
Could it be possible that the WHITE label is invisible? Could it be the only time you consider whiteness is when somebody mentions blackness? It seems to me that people that whom consider themselves to be white are usually oblivious to their own whiteness—and I’m not saying it’s their fault—it just comes with being the light-skinned dominant culture in a country where race has and still does matter to some people. When people say, “how come there isn’t a White entertainment Television” they are truly missing the point of BET and maybe, if I’m not stretching it too far, Telemundo in America. When I was a kid, it was an event to see black people, not in TV shows, but just in commercials! “Hey look! A black person’s on TV!” I’m sure that’s true with other “minorities” too (but to a lesser extent today)---people like to be represented in their favorite mediums. This IS a racialist act (just like naming a game the Black College “Football Xperience”), but not a racist one. Racialism is, given the quick Wiki definition is “racialism is the basic epistemological position that not only do races exist, but also that there are significant differences between them.” When you unfairly apply POLICY to racialist-inspired ideas (Blacks and Asians cannot marry whites, Black barbers cannot cut white women hair, Indians (from India) are not REALLY Aryan and therefore cannot be allowed the full status of white men—actual Jim crow “laws” from the past) then you are performing RACIST acts. It’s a slippery slope though from racialist ideas to racist ones, definitely. Honestly, the naming of the game is just a name. It makes no political statement (well, it COULD—“black” is a meaningful word if you know anything about the sixties or seventies—but there’s no propaganda to suggest this is that meaning)—it’s not trying to call forth an unfair agenda (Chris mentioned a “double standard”—but I think he was talking about other social issues and lumping them with this game). It’s a football game that embraces the experience found on the football field in some historically black colleges—and, truthfully, it’s just okay (I bought it!). The Drum line and Marching band stuff is good, and the museum is interesting, but the game play is okay—it’s lukewarm—not too good, not too bad. The only thing that has been driving me to respond to these posts is the race “issue” that has arose because of the game. I find it very interesting—and very AMERICAN.

User Info: sourcerah

9 years ago#187
Some of you in here are completely misinformed or just do not understand. The "black" in the title refers to Historically Black Colleges and Univerisities (HBCU's), you know, the schools that are playing in the game. The schools playing in the game are in fact "Black" schools, since they are all are HBCUs. How is it racist? There can not be a W"White College" Football Experience becuase those school included are and were the standard. Maybe you all do not know, but HBCUs were established because black people were not allowed to attend numerous universities across the nations. These "Black" schools gave black people an opportunity to achieve higher learning beyond high school. THERE IS NOTHING RACIST ABOUT THE TITLE!!

User Info: sourcerah

9 years ago#188
GeraKhan, very true. I do question the age of some of these posters who call the title racist. To all of you that do think the title is racist, HAVE YOU EVER A BLACK COLLEGE FOTBALL GAME. Ever? The "experience" is completely different at a BLACK college football game. The words "Black College" needs to be in the title to let people know its not just an ordinary football game. Since i assume most of you have never been to a black college footballl game i'll let you in on a little secret. There is a very large percentage of the people in the stands that come just to hear the band play. THE ACTUAL GAME OF FOOTBALL IS SECONDARY. Do you really think that could be said of schools like the Univerity of Florida, Univerity of Alabama, or University of Texas?? No!! But that is true with schools such as Florida Agricultural & Mechanical Univeristy and Southern University. It is completely different. The band is such an important piece of Black college football (not saying it's not at non-HBCU's) that they made the movie Drumline.

User Info: jedikevin2

9 years ago#189

Most people know this. Some people find a hard time in understanding that or accepting that "Black College Universities" are established nameset follwed later by "Historical Black College Universities". There is no national name of "White College Universities" though many were segregated from blacks years ago. Most of the people here argueing refuse to believe that there state of "Black College Football" is in reference to that. They see the word black and believe its finally there opportunity to troll in on it with reverse racism statements. If read through the forum, you will notice its the same arguement and answer over and over again. Most of the people making the reverse racism arguement state the same thing every other page of this thread.

User Info: Snipes_2

9 years ago#190
"There have been white supremacist games to come out before"

Such as?

If a game like that came out, they would go after the Publisher. Not some random Independent company.
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