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User Info: Raeng

9 years ago#1
So a mate lend this game to me, knowing i'm usually a pretty fan of hardcore games. I've devoured Battletoads co-op, Demon's Souls and even Vanquish. So I decided to give this game a try.

It went pretty well, but the camera was a really big problem during some boss fights with it usually looking up way too much obscuring my view. Alexei was a really big annoyance because I couldn't hit him due to the camera constantly bugging out on me.
I defeated most bosses by healing spam and mashing praying to hit because I usually missed them because the camera (again) just flew all over the place.

Now I'm stuck for the first time playing as Momji (?) against two brother demons. I can't even hit them. I dodge their attacks only to have to draw my weapon again for some weird reason, which leaves me open and destroys me. So I can't attack after dodging their attacks.. so how do I attack them? And most of the time if I dodge I dodge into their move because, again, the camera bugs out on me.
I can't dodge some of their attacks because I can't recenter the camera during this fight for some reason leaving me unable to actually see the bosses from time to time killing me instantly.

So yeah. Am I missing something? Is there a lockon button? Did they intentionally destroy this game's camera? If so why?
Does anyone have any tips? Am I playing it wrong? Should I go more on the offence? Why does Momji sheath her weapon after every dodge?
So many questions! I really want to try and like this game, but with the (as it seems) broken camera and weird hitdetection I really feel like just stop playing.

Also I'm playing on Warrior if that makes any difference.
PSN: Royta15

User Info: W3lkin

9 years ago#2
So you're having trouble beating the two tengu brothers in mission 5?
I just did that fight yesterday for the first time. I simply noticed that by blocking and constantly dodging back or to the sides i could avoid their combos and get a couple of hits in using square after the end of their combo.
Just remember that they usually use the stomping attack twice and that you must dodge their charge grab. If you could beat Genshin you shouldn't have too mauch trouble with the tengus, just use this fight to learn how to dodge and counter without trying to do big combos.

User Info: syaoran-kun

9 years ago#3
The camera is an enemy you need to learn to deal with, give it some time and it'll become natural and will be no longer a problem.

About Momiji...

Never noticed it as most of us always keep block pressed at all times (you can block far more than the block animations would indicate). Dealing with them is pretty easy after a bit of practice. Lure one into the southwest corner. Do a square counter against the first blow of his combo (the overhead swing) and a single square strike after each of his attacks.

If you have the other Tengu outside the camera and a good distance away, he won't attack you making this fight a joke.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1ouHhVnSIo


They have very low defence, so if you have any Ninpo left...spam it as it does amazing damage. Ryu can totally rape them with Void spells ^_^
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User Info: YermomHoudini

9 years ago#4
you can use R2 button to toggle focus on either of the tengus.
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User Info: Raeng

9 years ago#5
^that comment destroyed them. I did NOT know that!
I finally beat them by simply countering every move, took some practice.

Thanks everyone for the tips! Maybe i'll be able to keep my tradition of "beat every game you own" in tact after all. I sure hope so!
PSN: Royta15

User Info: iidxmania

9 years ago#6
lol R2 toggles focus? I didn't know that and my playtime is about 320 hours haha. Good to know though
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