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  3. English speaking players, post up your PSN tags here
EmeraldPhoenix 11 years ago#201
Just started playing this again.

PSN is EmeraldSuzaku

I also have a headset, but no keyboard.
thunderbreak 11 years ago#202

On mercenary mode, but pretty much a noob. I'm not an ass though, so I'd be fun to play with.
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-Terry Bogard CvS2
deathscytheklh 11 years ago#203
Mine's deathscytheklh

i just started on merc so it may be awhile before i can get some good stuff
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frost_abc 11 years ago#204
Anyone want to play or farm with me? its so lonely

d2damax PSN
PSN d2damax
3DS FC: 3969-4514-5888
lastbronxsega 11 years ago#205
Just a thought: in addition to posting PSN tag and faction, how about also posting time zone. Not sure about everyone else, but I maxed out on PSN friend adds at about page 17 of this thread...would be good to know who's relatively close in terms of time zones...
hayaku 11 years ago#206
psn: psyblastz
sometime playing fed, sometime playing zeon.
just started zeon side. still trying to farm for items on fed side.
timezone: gmt +8
PSN: psyblastz
KojiSakujin 11 years ago#207
I just finished the Federation campaign on Hard last night, so I'll be playing through some of the free missions for Mercenary soon. I'll worry about going back through Zeon campaign on Hard later, lol. Feel free to add me if you want to go through some missions later at some point.

It's hard enough as it is to find people to play online these days :/

PSN: TetsuyaHikari
Currently playing: Shadowrun: Hong Kong (PC)
PSN: TetsuyaHikari / Youtube: GamingHeroTetsuya
hayashi_lam 11 years ago#208

Feddie and Mercenary mode though. Pretty new to the game still.
Gamertag and PSN: Hyakushiki0100
87091439 11 years ago#209
just pick up the game. add me if u want to play. PSN: sloken18
Homercules 11 years ago#210

I play Mercenary mode. My only decent suit is RGM-79N Custom, currently trying to save up enough to purchase 2 RGC-83 (GM Cannon 2 i think). So anyone who wants to play some missions just add me.
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  3. English speaking players, post up your PSN tags here
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