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User Info: MonkeyDLuffy

9 years ago#1
My ancestors are Romans and I am offended that the title suggests that all Romans are ruthless
"We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" Ned Flanders' mom

User Info: LeaMondeFields

9 years ago#2
Yes, it is.
Romans were one of the most advanced civilizations in human history. It's stupid to call them ruthless and make fun of them just because today's world is different.

User Info: thepoketmonster

9 years ago#3
romans are just ruthless, their history is horrible.
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User Info: MonkeyDLuffy

9 years ago#4
You're all racists!!!!
"We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" Ned Flanders' mom

User Info: Benandorf

9 years ago#5
Quite a number of romans were indeed ruthless.
Edward Cullen is a character that we guys should all model ourselves after.

User Info: AstralFear

9 years ago#6
When will we as humans learn that there is only one race. We are the Human race. Stop trying to split everything up and classifying people and made we will have order and piece.

And romans aren't a race. So its not racism. Rome was a city state and romans were the name of the people that lived in that city state. And the use of Races is an Americanism.
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User Info: Scotty2CawmanV3

9 years ago#7
It's not racist. There is not one famous or known Roman named Ruth.
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User Info: Poseigod

9 years ago#8

blugh, people thinking every "minor" offense is rascist....

it's sooo tiiired...

User Info: Lost_Sky

9 years ago#9
yeah, I'm pretty sure a farm sim involving blacks named Slave Simulator wouldn't fly that well... so why is this game up?
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User Info: grangure

9 years ago#10
'Slave Simulator'... I want that game now.
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