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User Info: Windexglowing

10 years ago#1

What is this game rated again? Those designers are tricky :p
i hate it when people quote other people and put it in there sig! ITS EVIL!
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User Info: lolnesss

10 years ago#2
lol awesome

User Info: rugburner07

10 years ago#3
Wow, that's some tunnel!

User Info: fadue

10 years ago#4
i dun get eet

User Info: Stuflames

10 years ago#5
i dun get eet

Agreed. . .I see a kind of guy silhouette from the 'head' in the middle bottom, but I feel like I'm definitely missing something obvious.
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User Info: HateMyCatsnDogs

10 years ago#6
pornography?!?!? In mah game?? :o

User Info: Uhh

10 years ago#7
i am dense someone tell me the joke please
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User Info: Danny_Kearney

10 years ago#8

The arrow? going into the hole? lol

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