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User Info: thesuppersready

11 years ago#1
got SBK09 today, and after spending almost 3 hours I must say it is definetely a better game than SBK08 (which was a great game never the less), the graphics are much crisper and there is a lot more detail in the bikes and in the tracks.

I have been playing it with the same settings I used to play SBK08 (realism settings on SIMULATION) and I believe the gameplay and physics are quite similar if ever a tad more realistic, I am 2 to 3 seconds slower on this game, this may be due to a more realistic physics of each bike. Oh there is rumble on the DS3 this time.

The interface and menus are a bit faster now but they still are a bit clumsy to navigate, and the always annoying "saving now" messages are still there, just a bit faster as well but always a pain.

all in all I am loving it, and once again it is the best bike simulation on the market today, well done Milestone!
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