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arcnet 3 years ago#1
Here ( http://www.swordofmoonlight.net/bbs2/index.php?topic=284.msg2530#msg2530 ) is a running topic/thread with PSVR information.

This post is just a link. Right now it is a demo that doesn't have camera based tracking, but it will need to be added shortly, because it's only a curiosity without, except for home-theater mode is pretty nice.

To be clear: PSVR is being built directly into SOM, because it's an easily affordable VR solution, that allows me to be able to work on VR features where otherwise I would not. My main reservation about the PSVR is its color reproduction is quite bad. When it gets dark it turns into a GameBoy display, and it is washed out for bright, neutral colors. Color correction is possible (and necessary) but every corrective measure degrades the overall gamut. Still, for developers (artists) it's very useful to see your work if lifelike proportion. EDITED: There isn't a manual for using the PSVR with Windows, so it's always possible the color can be improved by sending commands to the display (the washed out quality seems almost like there is no gamma table) and it's also possible there are some special modes to enhance the VR experience that are yet unknown to the unaffiliated development/hacking community.
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