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KotomineKirei 8 years ago#1
I have read that From Software still sells this game, but I've also read that there is an open-source version of the game.

Is the open-source version completely free and does it require any software from From Software?
Is the open-source version the same and/or better than the official version?
Do you have the same license that the original gave?
"The original retail price of 9,280 yen came with an unfettered license for unlimited use of King's Field intellectual property. The user created games are able to be freely distributed and or even sold like any other PC game, royalty free and independent of the original Sword of Moonlight software and its minimal EULA.")

How flexible is the program(e.g. can you add to the code through C++, C#, etc.; add your own art, sound, music, etc.)?
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