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User Info: ken055

10 years ago#1
after alot of research and finally finding something that made me say wooooooooow!!!

Apparently for what am about to share to u all is a sneek preview of Kisuke Urahara bankai ( it's a litte taste for all of the bleach fans ) I hope for what ur all about to see , u all like it because I sure did . its 77% proved that this is what Kisuke Urahara bankai is revolved around .

This is the command release ( Consume Benihime His bankai gives him darkish black blood armour and his ability combines his blood with the power he gains from his Zanpakutō. To create red blood energy swords and he is able to fight in hand to hand with out using his blood sword ( he forms the sword at will with his blood if he wants or he can form a blood like gear to fight with out the need of his sword , also he can shoot out a blood energy that looks abit like a cero . Finally wen his opponent dies he stabs his sword into the blood of his enemy's and drains it all. Note aswell wen he says that his Zanpakutō not fit for training others or lending power to them is because anyone near by his banaki will need to be killed so that he can drain ther blood. Aslwell that's why he did not fight azien of in banaki because of all the other captains and that kido guy ther. Also he is most likely to fight in Hueco Mundo with yammy because ther are less captains ther and the main fight is in the Fake Karakura Town , so he will send everyone from Hueco Mundo to the town so that he can use bankai to kill yammy with out killing his allies. The link givin is a small sneek of what they want to achieve with Urahara and how he will look like , just to put the fans at ease ( plz do comment if ur happy the way he is gonna be devloped lolz even tho noffin can be done if u dont like it :P


User Info: Takachi

10 years ago#2
The speculation surrounding Bleach is really getting out of hand.

User Info: PainsPerception

10 years ago#3
i stopped reading at "blood"
hes not a vampire or a necromancer...

everyone knows his bankai will look like charlotte cuulhorne's release only the exact opposite and not like it at all...cmon now
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User Info: nehukog

10 years ago#4
it's not "consume Benhime"

it's "scream Benihime"

Also all we know is that for his shikai he can throw out an energy attack like Ichigo's Getsuga, and have a defensive blood mist shield.

All we know about his bankai is that he told Renji that it's not for helping anyone
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User Info: AbnormalElmoXD

10 years ago#5
I loled after the TC said "Consume Benihime"
Why would anyone have a release command for Bankai?(Excluding Byakuya)
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User Info: thisissparta123

10 years ago#6

Tensa Zangetsu

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User Info: AbnormalElmoXD

10 years ago#7
I deeply apologize if you weren't replying to me but...
Tensa Zangetsu is the name of his Bankai, not a command.
Currently playing for PSP:Bleach Heat the soul 6, Dissidia, Yugioh GX Tag Force 2
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User Info: Chaotic_Anarki

10 years ago#8
I'd quote the original post to reply to it, but honestly suffering through it once was enough.

You did research, on a subject in which no factual evidence exists? That is called speculation. Your opinion, which is what it is, suffers from a complete lack of proof. That is called conjecture. When a Bankai is released, an extended name of the Zanpakutou is called, if you want to get specific, the release command, is Bankai.

Also, who says Urahara's Blood Mist Shield, uses his blood? It could very well be named Blood Mist Shield, because it is red. It doesn't necessarily mean it is created from blood. This is another baseless assumption. When he stated, my Bankai is not suited for training, he also explicitly stated afterwards, it is more like his referring to Ichigo. He didn't fight Aizen with his Bankai during TBTP, because he is intelligent. He doesn't rush into battle, at the drop of a hat. He is reserved, and calculating. It's one of the reasons why he is an excellent character.

There is also nothing to suggest that he will show up in Hueco Mundo, and with Captain Unohana present in Hueco Mundo, there is honestly absolutely no need for him to show up. I'm fairly certain she can handle Yammy alone. The Book of Souls has her battle data, and she is listed right below Yamamoto and Aizen. While Shunsui and Ukitake are listed right below her.
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User Info: illusionturtle

10 years ago#9
I don't think there's even proof this will be Urahara's bankai, which according to TC there is. And why does he have a command release? He is a shinigami, don't get mixed up with the arrancars. I also have difficulty trusting TC due to his spelling, which is actually, very horrible, unless it's his 3rd language or something.


Tensa Zangetsu

I hope you don't mean that Tensa Zangetsu is the release command.
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User Info: Xade76

10 years ago#10
I doubt Urahara's Bankai is like that at all.

Also, if he looked anything close to what that avatar you linked looks like, it would just go to prove that Tite Kubo does nothing more than try to please the dark/evil character loving fans...

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