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User Info: raisindot

9 years ago#1
I just discovered this program--downloadable at www.vpforums.org.

It's basically a virtual pinball emulator for PCs. While the graphics are mechanics and audio are nowhere near as excellent as those in PHOF, you can basically "play" just virtual versions of nearly every game ever made. It's got them all--Addams Family, TOTAN, MM, Theater of Magic, and most of the newer Stern games.

Setting up the thing to work is a damn nuisance. There are two different versions, with games available in both. You download a table, and then, if it's a DMD game, you have to download ROMS (the software that controls the DMD displays and audio and game rules and tabulates the score, etc.) for each game. Some games have 10 or more different ROMs.

What's neat about this is that, unlike PHOF, you can customize a lot of the settings. For example, for a pinball itself, you can add things to the table itself (such as a posts to keep balls from draining), and modify scripts to do things like make the flippers stronger, speed up or slow down ball speed, or basically eliminate tilting entirely.

You can also change settings in the ROMs themselves. such as increasing the number of balls from 3 to 10, increasing ball save times, deactivating match features, etc.

While the graphics and physics are nowhere near as good as PHOF, the ability to 'test drive' nearly every great game ever made--some of which come in many different 'models'--more than makes up for it, and it can prepare you to understand the rules of a game you might someday play in person.


User Info: V_Methos

9 years ago#2
Yeah. I haven't used it in a while, but it's a great program.
After getting my Medieval Madness fix from PHOF, I felt the need to play some Attack From Mars and I couldn't find one anywhere around. But with Virtual Pinball I was able to play it to my hearts content.
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