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User Info: rollergoalie16

9 years ago#1
This is the type of game that is perfectly suited for DLC. Hey Crave, take a hint from Zen Pinball and at least support your own game. Zen has given us 5 downloadable tables since it's release with a sixth (Paranormal) on the way, and this game has given us none. I don't get why companies refuse to support a game after it's release. This game would have infinite replay value if they would release some new tables on a somewhat regular basis. It's not like gamers are asking for anything free, just a little support after the fact, thats all.
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User Info: Fresh_Burger

9 years ago#2
It would be great....however, not going to happen, and I can understand why.

The game didn't sell so well on the PS3 and because of that, the publisher isn't going to dish out more money to create DLC, they would probably lose money. Don't blame the publisher, blame the gaming public.

Also, you still have more tables in Pinball Hall of Fame as opposed to Zen Pinball overall. Sure you get DLC, but they only started you out with 4 tables.....I feel Zen Pinball is a bit of a money grab releasing individual new tables instead of having more tables to begin with.
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