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User Info: Fresh_Burger

9 years ago#1

I wanted to respond to your earlier posts, but its been archived.

Anyway, if you're still having troubles with the outlanes, try the nudge feature. You use the left analogue stick.

If you want the ball to go right, you need to nudge the stick to the left and vice versa.

I had the hardest times with all tables until I got better with nudging...it helps a lot!

User Info: raisindot

9 years ago#2
This is absolutely true. If you don't master nudging, you wil have a very difficult time beating the Williams Challenge or achieving any of the goals in these games.

Nudging works best in the following situations:

1. When you can see a ball is on the path to drain through the center. Nudge left or right to change the path of the ball to hit one of the other bumpers.

2. When a ball is in a bumper area, nudging can make it bounce off them a lot more and shoot up into the "lit lanes" more often

3. When a ball is going to a left or right outlane, a well-timed left or right nudge may bank the ball off the side so it goes into the flipper lane instead. Occasionally, a really well timed nudge can kick a ball already in an outlane out of the outlane, defying the laws of physics.

Fortunately, most of the games have decent tilt warnings. The older games that don't have alpha displays usually make some kind of groany noise when you're in danger of tilting. The games with DMD displays will usually display "DANGER" when you're close to tilting.

Generally, though the games are far more forgiving than real versions and the nudging affects are far more pronounced. When you do it with a videogame, the table acts like it's nearly weightless. When you do it to real game, you have to fight the weight and gravity of the machine to make a real effect, and it will tilt far more often.


User Info: Fresh_Burger

9 years ago#3
Yes....there are many nuances of nudging....it needs to be mastered for the table goals ...especially wizard goals...though I haven't gotten any of those yet.

I will try to complete wizard goals as that unlocks unlimited nudging without tilting!

Another thing I do to help is play the game utilizing the "Smart Stretch" feature of my TV. It is typically used to stretch 4:3 aspect to fit a wide screen, but I find it helps to zoom into the tables a bit...I find they are a bit too small by default.

User Info: raisindot

9 years ago#4
I honestly don't know what unlocks the unlockable features on these games. Tonight I just completed my last goal on MM and all it did was let me buy another game. Didn't let me change any of other the unlockable settings.

I really want to unlock the unlimited tllt on this and TOTAN, but the Harem multiball bug is making this totally impossible. It's easier to complete wizard mode than to hit the three Harem sneak ins, since the left land HAREM spell doesn't work.


User Info: Fresh_Burger

9 years ago#5
Hi...to unlock the unlockables I believe you need to complete Wizard goals for that specific table.

Wizard goals are available under Table Goals after completing the first set of regular table goals....wasn't sure if you knew that.

The first set of goals are fairly easy...but the Wizard goals...oh man!!

I didn't know about the Harem glitch....that's going to make it a bit difficult..

User Info: raisindot

9 years ago#6
No, I actually didn't know that the WZ goals were a new set. Now that I finished MM's main goals, I see them and...oh jees. Looks like the video mode requires you to essentially drain 4 balls in the outlanes to sell 'FIRE' (unless there's a way to light the inlane. Don't know how) and I don't even know what "Barnyard Madness" is. I don't think there's any explanation in the game-based instructions.

I don't even want to know what they are for TOTAN and probably never will because I'm pretty much giving up on trying to get the Harem bonus. I hit that thing 20 times lit yesterday, and the most it showed was three letters. Getting the Harem sneak-in is totally a matter of luck since there's no direct way to shoot for it. It's MUCH easier to start and win the wizard mode.


User Info: V_Methos

9 years ago#7
You can spell out the "FIRE" for video mode without draining the ball. Each time you hit the right or left flipper, the lights on those four letters shift to the right or left respectively. So, if you have the "F" and "I" lit and you have the ball coming back down the ramp from the catapult or the peasant ramp, you can hit the left flipper once to move the lit letters to the left. Now you'll have the "F" and "E" lit and when the ball comes down the left inlane it will light up the "I".

Also... if you play a long enough game on MM and get Merlin's Magic a bunch of times you're bound to get Video Mode as the bonus sometime.

In video mode, you can hold down either flipper to keep your farmer with the pitchfork running in either direction. The first couple times I got video mode, I was trying to make him move by continually tapping the flipper. Holding it down makes it much simpler. ;-)

To start Barnyard Madness, you need to launch the catapult a minimum of 5 times, because you need to launch each of the different items from the catapult... the bowling ball, chicken, cow, cat, and skull. Once you've launched one of the items, the next time you get the catapult to launch that item won't be blinking, so try to time it right to get one of the others to launch. After you've launched all items, send the ball into the catapult one more time and the barnyard animal noises will start going wild during a very funny multiball.
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User Info: rserocki

9 years ago#8
You can also get smart bombs for use in the video mode if you need to zap all the predatory birds on screen. This is done by pressing down on a joystick into the controller, but I haven't played it in such a long time, I forget which joystick and how you gain smart bombs. Maybe they're the same as troll bombs?

That is the only thing wizard goal in the game I didn't do; save all the children.
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