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User Info: _ChunksTM_

1 month ago#41
I was on the Current Events board here, and someone mentioned the ROTF board here in a discussion about the TF wiki being one of the best wikis:


It was just funny to me, and random too. 😂

Peace through tyranny.

User Info: jon_dojah

1 month ago#42
lol thats pretty trippy

User Info: _Elliott05_

1 month ago#43
How could this have happened, we’ve been so careful, we don’t draw attention to ourselves and we even took to disguising our topic titles. If you rule out out all possibilities the obvious conclusion is.....we have a mole among us.
psn: Elliott05

User Info: PuckHockey

1 month ago#44
you smealt it, you dealt it

User Info: _Elliott05_

1 month ago#45
I missed you
psn: Elliott05

User Info: _Elliott05_

1 month ago#46
Ok Puckhockey, I've decided to dedicate today to catching up on our convos and any other stuff along the way. Haven't posted in a while, large part of that is my current lifestyle. There have been a lot of times where you guys have posted something about a movie and I want to reply but I'm usually so burnt out from the day that I put it off and then never end up getting back to it. So without further delay.

I finished the Mandolorian season 2 and I largely feel the same about it as I do the first season. It was okay, which doesn't mean much in a vacuum, but in the context of the new movies, being just okay isn't something to take for granted lol.

I'm usually fine with episodic content but I felt this first half season of Mando was pretty meandering. The action scene with the monster hunter desert monster was cool but I was really struck with a "been there done that" feeling. I don't want to give the show credit for including other pre-established characters in its latter half but that also happened to be when the story picked up. The fact that the parts of the Mandolorian people will talk about aren't off the back of the Mandolorian itself is kind of disappointing to me.

Ahsoka in live action was cool, and her episode was a really good one. IIRC togruta hair things are supposed to grow with age, so Ahsoka's should be pretty long by this point, but I imagine they got in the way of action scenes and the ones she had had cracks in them. I'm not sure what material they were made with but surely they could have gotten something a little more convincing. This is a minor nitpick but it caught me off guard considering the show has such a large budget.

I wasn't too keen on the two Boba episodes, but it's like the first time Boba actually does anything in live action media instead of just assuming he's this legendary badass from a few snarky lines.

The stakes in theory are higher than ever in the final episode, but it just felt like another episode of Mando to me. The dude with the dark saber has an anti-climactic end and the ramifications of Mando having it are not explored. The iron man trooper bots have no weapons, which was weird to me and i started laughing when they couldn't open a door so they just start pounding on it, and they fail to either crush Mando's throat nor cave his head in with repeated direct blows, but there's a lot of things here where I just go "well, it's a TV show".
THAT appearance at the end was cool on paper but I thought the execution, particularly the music, to be lacking. And the thing that happens at the end felt emotionally flat for me, but I guess I never had the engagement to this show other people did. Also Mando over the course of a few days meets some of the most famous star wars characters in a row, what are the odds

I'm not sure I'd tune into a third season but the show is pretty inoffensive. It's kind of nice in some ways The Mandolorian doesn't tell this big overarching story, but I only enjoy it's episodic tales on a very surface level ("hey that was a cool action scene"). The dialogue is cheesy, which is kinda charming but also really predictable ("I thought you weren't a gambling man" "I'm not"), and I'd be hard pressed to tell you the plot of either season. But it's very decent Star Wars content, which I think at the moment is all anyone can ask for.

I'd watch an Obi-wan or Ahsoka show I guess.

I get what you mean with the first few episodes, but throughout the whole season it is about the journey to find more of Grogu's people. Its just that the main mission is overshadowed by the events that happen in the episodes. In regards to introducing pre-existing characters, I am ok with it for now as the characters have actually added to the story rather than just be a "oh hi, remember me cameo". But the show runs a risk of losing what its core focus should be if it continues to do this. Season 3 really needs to get heavy into mandalorian stuff, im thinking with mando being the "owner" of the dark sabre, that will force more mandalorian stuff, but I hope with Grogu out of the picture for now that the whole season will largely focus on mandalorian stuff.

I didnt notice that with the Togruta "hair things", there is an actual name for them but im too lazy to look it up lol. But a cool little nugget I found out was that those "hair things" actually enable Togruta's to see in the dark like echo location. Which made the whole start of the episode a little cooler although you wouldn't bat an eye if any other force user handled the dark the same.

The Boba episodes were good but not necessarily about Boba for me. I loved seeing the Slave 1 in action again, just such a cool ship I get goosebumps whenever its on screen, im like "ooo its about to do something" haha. There was also a scene with Boba and the other mandalorians at a bar where they get into a little scuffle. I loved that eagerness to get into a fight, thats mandalorian culture I like. I also like that they recognised jango fett as a mandalorian. It was dumb for them to retcon that detail in the first place. At the end of the day mandalorian is a culture, not a race. And jango embodied that culture, its pretty much the reason he died in the clone wars.

Agreed about the final episode, I didnt care for the super droids and yeah even if its beskar, your heads still getting pommelled. Fair enough your head wont get crushed because the helmet cant be crushed but you will still feel the force of the blows. Like you said, its tv haha. Moff Gideon didnt die but his end was rather anti-climatic. I did like the terror in his face when he realised Luke was coming. He is a great actor, so im all for him continuing to be apart of the show if its in the interest of the story. I thought Luke scenes were good, cant even remember the music so you might be right haha.

Really, you wouldnt watch season 3? Like I said, I think with Grogu supposedly out of the picture and the dark sabre in his possession the mandalorian season 3 will be heavily mandalorian based, hopefully anyway.

Oh I am so excited for the obi-wan show.

psn: Elliott05

User Info: _Elliott05_

1 month ago#47
I didn't end up seeing King Kong vs Godzilla, will eventually.

Mortal Kombat was entertaining but I agree with all your points. Fighting was very good although the pacing felt really rushed towards the end. There were times where I was like "slow down and savour those fatalities instead of just cutting to the next screen quickly" A very predictable movie in terms of who would survive and die but I still enjoyed it, hope they do make another one that actually has the tournament. Oh and Kano was great imo, I rarely laugh while watching films but he had a line or 2 that I couldn't help but chuckle.

In regards to Bond films, I agree that when a new actor takes on the role the first movie is usually the best, casino royal is definitely top 5 bond films for me. Goldeneye will always be my favourite, I may be biased because I'm 90's kid, but seriously the movie has 4 villains. Bond's former partner out for revenge, a russian general, russian lady that kills by squeezing the life out of you with her thighs; and a computer nerd fully equipped with his own catchphrase. I mean seriously you could not change my opinion on this, hands down the best bond film. I have watched all the Bond films and while sean connery is very charismatic, I struggle to watch his bond films, they are just so....rapey.

Apart from Goldeneye, I do prefer mission impossible, but im also biased because I really like Tom Cruise films. Rumour is that the mission impossible director might work on the next bond film.

Elliott are you excited for what is apparently the final Conjuring movie? I can't watch horror movies but I'm half tempted to try just to see how deep the lore goes.

I wouldn't say I'm excited for it, but I definitely will be seeing it. I didn't know it was the last conjuring film, hope they still make spin off films or at least other horror films that are similar.

Have you guys seen A Quiet Place 2? I really liked the 1st film and the sequel was just as good. I get so immersed in those films that while in the cinema I'm being super extra careful not to make noise while reaching into a bag of chips, its like a 1 minute ordeal just to retrieve one chip hahaha.

As for other films coming out, I'm keen for Venom 2, Spiderman 3, Black Widow, Top Gun 2, The Suicide Squad, Jackass 4, Matrix 4, Bond film. I saw the trailer for the latest abomination in the fast and the furious series, its just so bad, it got to a point where I couldn't contain myself and just burst out laughing at how stupid it was. Its at the point where its so bad like those Indian action films that use 20 year old special effects.

Mass Effect super mega turbo edition is out, might be worth playing again just to see my waifu Samara again.

My waifu will always be Garrus. Tempting to play but I haven't played games for 6 or more months so my backlog is next level to the point where I don't know where to begin lol.
psn: Elliott05

User Info: _Elliott05_

1 month ago#48
So far E3 hasnt got me interested in any games. Really want to get into a Farcry game again, but I just cant do it. I want them to go back to Africa as the location, or a Blood Dragon sequel. Will check out the netflix series spin off of Blood Dragon.

Speaking of netflix, did you guys like Castlevania season 4, I thought it was alright. Love the action and style of the animation. But this season like season 3 wore on me a bit that I was glad it finished. Turns out a spin off series is being made, ill check it out.

Star Wars The Bad Batch is fun viewing if you liked the clone wars cartoon. I watched the 1st episode of Loki, looks good, interested to see how it goes. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was good, not great. Zeemo dancing at a club and giving candy to children was diabolical lol. I feel like Bucky has been nerfed so much since the winter soldier movie where he was uber powerful. Was hoping this show would bring him back up into the forefront but fear he will always be a secondary character. Oh and Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a good addition, kinda like a sassy anti Nick Fury.

psn: Elliott05

User Info: desuno-to

1 month ago#49
_Elliott05_ posted...
Mandolorian season 2

If the story seems familiar, here's why :)

Also, while I absolutely loved both seasons, it's hard to argue with the logic here re S2...

The difference a letter makes:
"i'm with tc about this" - "watashi mo onani desu"

User Info: PuckHockey

1 month ago#50
I'll respond when I have time but things that interested me from e3 so far:

Riders Republic looks fun
That Guardians of the Galaxy game looks bad lol
The Outer Worlds 2 trailer was mildly funny
Metal Slug Tactics looks surprisingly good
Replaced looks visually amazing
Solar Ash looked cool

Hope Nintendo has cool things
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