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User Info: remnant00

10 years ago#1
and i think this might be a good choice? or at least its the only one that looks good. should i get this game? in games like starcraft i like sending lots of units at a time but i heard theres a 20 unit limit in lego battles. is that gonna be a problem? and how are the graphics/presentation

User Info: Calvin079

10 years ago#2
Its not a problem. 20 units is enough to get things done when you need the manpower (or Minifigure power in this case ;p) to get the job done. As well, the graphics aren't great, but they are not super bad either. Overall, they're good. Just don't expect eye popping graphics. Presentation is quite nice as well, can't complain about that. There are a few things that I do have minor gripes about. One is that occasionally, your units might get stuck on something. As well some of the sound doesn't fit with a certain theme. But overall, a really good game.
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User Info: KyleHavok

10 years ago#3
I can't think of another RTS as realized as LEGO Battles. It's a personal favorite of mine. It should be failry cheap, so it's worth picking up.
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