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  3. Just a Mo Van Barr Solution Confirmed topic. (Possible spoilers)

User Info: Serith61890

10 years ago#1
Ok. I know a lot of people are having issues getting Mo Van Barr's bounty to appear. And there has been a solution released... IF you are willing to start a new game.
Here is the step from beginning to end.

-Start a new game
-Complete ALL available missions from Bonnie BEFORE doing any other missions.
-Once you complete all of Bonnie's, head to Armadillo
-Do the mission with the Marshal.
-KILL Walton. Do no disable him. Shoot that bastard right between the eyes.
-Head back into Armadillo and wait for the bounty.
-Complete it.

And now you have fixed the bug.
Or you can wait for the patch...
Whatever you prefer to do.

I have tried every variation and it seems like that is the ONLY way to do it.
I did not find this on my own.
I am merely confirming it works..
PS3: SerithKelevra
Soul Silver FC: 4297-5639-6263

User Info: clinttiger

10 years ago#2
what about replaying the mission?

User Info: Serith61890

10 years ago#3
As far as I know, you can replay the mission and kill him.
But that would require reloading from before you did that mission.
So hopefully you haven't saved over it already.
PS3: SerithKelevra
Soul Silver FC: 4297-5639-6263

User Info: Centur1on

10 years ago#4
You dont have to do all the bonnie missions, just kill walton, thats what I did, and it worked- you only have to do enough bonnie missions to make the sherrif appear.
"the only noobs are the noobs who accuse others of being noobs"-Asterisk_Ninja

User Info: cKy12a

10 years ago#5
i never even though about replaying that mission. wow. it might actually work... if not i'll just finish playing through and on my second run be sure to do this first.

User Info: Serith61890

10 years ago#6
^ It may be different for each or you may have gotten lucky.
Because I tried it ever which way possible and it only worked after doing ALL of Bonnie's Missions.
PS3: SerithKelevra
Soul Silver FC: 4297-5639-6263

User Info: KingMajeh

10 years ago#7
I stopped reading at "-Start a new game".

User Info: Badguy234

10 years ago#8
i redid the mission and it didnt work this is stupid and i have already beaten the game and really really do not want to start over the only time i would start over if there was a game breaking glitch that stopped me from progressing any further (like in fable 2 errgh) so i hope they patch this soon because i am so close to legendary outfit and starting over would make me cry
PSN- The_Badguy_

User Info: Bird_Nerd

10 years ago#9
I did it just like that, and just like that I got the Mo bounty. I found him; had to chase him because my horse was dolt. In the time it took for me to hunt him down, slaughter his mount, hogtie him, then think better of the idea and simply gun down a disarmed, immobile man, it occurred to me that maybe there was a logic to it all, maybe you have to be willing to kill before capture if you want to be a "Deadly Assassin." Dunno. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion on how to get him.

User Info: BinoWhat

10 years ago#10
This is the only way that I was able to find him. What is pissing me off now is that I am waiting for a duel in Armadillo. My brother is lucky that I had this fail on me so that when he did his start yesterday I was able to tell him how to avoid this horrible glitch. Thanks for the help with taking care of finding this guy.
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