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User Info: madfox777

10 years ago#1

Hey not sure if this is happening to everyone but there are a bunch a random spot where players/horses go invisible in multiplayer. I suppose it is a glitch with either the game or my video settings. Im going to drop down to 720p to see if that solves it or not. If it is a glitch with everyone I just wanted to bring it up so it can spread around to get fixed soon.


User Info: Koopa322

10 years ago#2
No it happens to me to sometimes. I wouldn't worry about it. They'll fix it.
Would you kindly?

User Info: csant

10 years ago#3
I didnt get that at all yesterday and today I've gotten it a couple of times. My guess is the influx of players are messing with the servers in some way... maybe. heh

User Info: TheKyubi

10 years ago#4
i just got it most of the time playing free roam before, it's annoying
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User Info: ActusReus

10 years ago#5
I too have gotten this glitch. It isn't just your system or game. I am giving R* the benefit of the doubt and believe that they will address this in the next few days. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just a small hiccup that occasionally happened, but It seems you are invisible for a quite large portion of the map. In my case it is around the Fort Mercer area.

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User Info: syn_xicro

10 years ago#6
invisible on and off 17 times in 1 hour...stop playing online after that

User Info: art_of_the_kill

10 years ago#7

Not playing online again until fixed.

User Info: CrippledFate27

10 years ago#8
Me and my buddy are disappearing on and off. So far i've seen invisible animals, invisible players, invisible guns, invisible stage coaches with horses and rains floating in the air. Just now we were playing on Free Roam, and I was looking at him through the sniper scope, he was that far away. Yet every time he swung his fists, they were hitting me, and it kept saying he knocked me down. We kept going invisible, then it said he killed me with a pump-action shot gun from 50 yards... good game. Me and a bunch of buddies did a completely invisible Deathmatch last night as well, haha. Every time we went outside into the rain, we disappeared, but we reappeared when coming indoors. Yesterday a friend and I were both riding the same horse from other peoples screen, but on my screen my camera was locked in the desert and I could see my avatar and his horse riding around. I shot my guys head and it rubber-banded me to the horse and threw me into the air, hitting the ground and instantly dieing.

I was running around this morning picking Desert Sage and my game went to a Loading screen on it's own and placed me back in Ridgewood Farm for no reason. Between voice lag, endless disconnects, sky-rocketing cows, invisible cougars that one-shot you, people that box your face in 300 yards away and every character model going invisible at some point, it's enough to keep you from venturing online for a few days. At this point, it really is unplayable until a patch comes out.

Hmm, I think that covers all we've seen since this time yesterday. xD

User Info: DeuceActual

10 years ago#9
Invisible glitch + bears = FAIL

User Info: Cursa

10 years ago#10
Hi Kotaku :)
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