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  3. lesbians during the wild west era? make it stop!!

User Info: Ninja_Muffin_

10 years ago#1
Hi! I`m an angry male tard

I like it when ignorant heteronormality keeps the -real nature- of sexuality under wraps
-fueling to the fire of nonsensical discrimination and hate crime all over the world

My distorted world view better be represented in videogame culture... oh wait

User Info: Silly_dude17

10 years ago#2
Gay guys, no GTFO.

Lesbians, YES ZOMGGG.
This whole thing's a chess game, and this Xerox machine's the pope, all right?

User Info: Niick75

10 years ago#3

User Info: The_niblet

10 years ago#4
Bring on the uh... lesbians, sure.
Currently playing: Starcraft 2 beta, DOW2 & chaos rising.
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User Info: Bluekryptonite

10 years ago#5

ive got nothing against lesbians as long as if they let me join in

User Info: _Emi_

10 years ago#6
What is this? I don't even...
Cannot forgive the mind, drained of emotion,
that seeks eternity.

User Info: Skitzocrayon

10 years ago#7
so long as they aint the extremely hawt angry MAN-HATING lesbians....
I believe this topic and every message in it falls under the generally considered patently offensive category and demand a mod delete it!!

User Info: Ninja_Muffin_

10 years ago#8
damn trolls can`t keep em down lol

User Info: smerf1

10 years ago#9
"Male Tard" buhahahaha

User Info: ARatKing

10 years ago#10
As long as there are no guys...not that theres anything wrong with that. But...I mean really, its a game about cowboys I would like to keep these things FAR apart from each other.
GT:UltraViolentArk PSN:Arkvoodle-C
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  3. lesbians during the wild west era? make it stop!!
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