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User Info: wifd

4 years ago#1
every time i try searching for a game it says no games found can someone please tell me what to do and if you want to play with me, my gt is wifd

User Info: Merplerps

4 years ago#2
The servers are currently down for this game, I'm not sure when they will be back up, it has already been 3 days. ;\ But if you ever wanna play together my gmrtag is RyanAirborne.

User Info: wifd

4 years ago#3
ok thanks hopefully the servers will be back up soon

User Info: sdrawkcaB_ssA

4 years ago#4
They're back up on PC. Console might be up as well.
Xbox Live: sdrawkcaB ssA - Origin: bendayhoe661
C4 is my favorite weapon. - US Army Veteran.

User Info: Tomby89

4 years ago#5
They're up on 360 I played yesterday for a round. Was a blast from the past though lol.
GT = chimo89

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