Game is still pretty active

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User Info: Eightlie33

5 years ago#1
I went on yesterday at like 2:30 pm est time and I instantly got into a game.

Suprised how active this game still is. I love BF3 but I can't stand a new 1.6gb update every day.

If anyone wants to play GT: newamrcnclassic

User Info: sknmak

5 years ago#2
Yes this game is surprisingly active. Especially since gamers have began to move on the newer games.
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User Info: danthechan

5 years ago#3
if they only had a server browser for this i would choose it over bf3 in a heartbeat. the maps (and destruction) are just better.

User Info: nehukog

5 years ago#4
The sniper rifles actually work in this game. in BF3 you can have the cursor right on someone and you won't hit them

User Info: BoxKnocker

5 years ago#5
I havnt touched BF3 in months. I just finished helping a friend get the demo man trophy and I had more fun doing that for two damn hours than anything i recall in BF3. I don't know, something just feels off in BF3 with the gunplay and movement.
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  3. Game is still pretty active

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