is this game still active?

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  3. is this game still active?

User Info: k darkfire

k darkfire
5 years ago#1
I'm thinking of getting it over BF3.

User Info: Chrispy3367

5 years ago#2
It's still kind of active, but it's dying off fast.
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User Info: sknmak

5 years ago#3
Well BC2 has it's moments. To be honest I almost never have problems finding games. The only problems I ever run into is when some players don't have the VIP map packs and the rooms drop from 12 v 12 to 8 v 8 or something like that. A lot of people seem to have the VIP map so that really isn't a huge problem. Sometimes you just have to play during the peak hours. Those hours are usually 3pm-12am. The PC community is still pretty active.

BC2 is better than BF3 in my opinion, but BF3 definitely has larger community since it's the latest BF title to release.
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User Info: lostoutlawnb

5 years ago#4
I still jump between the two for more of that battlefield goodness

User Info: BurningNovaFire

5 years ago#5
I was thinking of getting this too again. Lol. Seen it at Gamestop for like 8 bucks. I still like it better that BF:3 If it's still semi active I'll get it. You can go wrong with that price :P
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User Info: EZ_711

5 years ago#6
It's times like these where I wish map packs would go free already so everyone is united and can play full matches. That Vietnam expansion pack would be nice too so everyone can play it before the servers go offline and becomes useless.

User Info: sknmak

5 years ago#7
I agree. Not going to happen because this is EA we are talking about. They don't make anything free UNLESS it's worthless and the community is small + they are planning on shutting down the servers anyways. It would be smart to make the DLC free for the sake of the fanbase this point. The community is widely split. They have made their profit from the game. Still as I said this is EA. Nothing is "free" so to speak.
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User Info: EZ_711

5 years ago#8
The ideal world brother, the ideal.

User Info: krazykiwikid

5 years ago#9
In an ideal world BF3 either wouldn't have been crap.

User Info: Matt_256

5 years ago#10
It is a shame. I still think BC2 blows BF3 away in nearly every way possible. I traded this game in towards BF3 (BC2 was my most played shooter this gen) and it wasn't more than 3 months before I couldn't stand BF3 anymore and traded it in. I didn't purchase BC2 again until last summer but I had an extremely hard time finding decent matches but kept it for several months before just giving up on the game completely. It seemed to have a little surge because I noticed a lot of people went back to this game that hated BF3 but it fizzled after a while.

Still hoping for BC3. Just don't ruin it..
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  3. is this game still active?

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