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User Info: DrBob276

11 years ago#1

To be quite honest, I was thrilled to be finished with the AEK when I picked up this weapon, and expected the same type of results from it. However, I was pleasantly suprised when I managed to to snipe people from BA range with ease, and it's rather nice power for the amount of recoil. It has nice power, VERY good iron sights, and if you feather the trigger to fire 1 shot a time or a 2 shot burst rapidly, it is easily managable. My only complaint was the fact that when fired continuously, it wasn't necessarily the fact that the recoil was significant, but rather that it was almost random and very "sluggish", like I was firing the weapon in a vat of oatmeal or something. Very bizarre.

Between enjoyablity and function, even though it is a little inferior, I still would give it



After hearing what other people said about this weapon, I was expecting this thing to be a complete piece of garbage. However, I was pleasantly suprised when I realized very quickly that it was not. While it is very weak per shot, it kicks out rounds very quickly, and in short bursts, is capable of taking down people afar. That being said, this gun really only shines in CQC, where it tears people apart with ease; 40MM and this go hand-in-hand. Even then, the F2000 isn't a shining star. Though very fun to use, but other than that, it doesn't have a lot going for it compared to other assault rifles.



I'm actually 5 kills away from Gold Star right now, but because I cannot play BC2 due to my connection at the moment, I'm going to rate it anyways.

The AUG really isn't that bad. Fired in 2-3 shot bursts, it is easily managable, and a great weapon to use, even though the HK(M)416 is superior. I really enjoyed using it. I racked up kills VERY quickly with it,. The AUG has a respectable amount of power, which is easily noticed after putting down the F2000. Based on my short experience of using it, I would have to say that the AUG is probably best used at a medium range, though it most certainly can hold it's own in CQC and a distance if burst fired. I don't really realize why I bashed it so much for the longest of time; perhaps it was because I used it when I was new to BC2?


Feel free to submit your own ratings or personal opinions. :)

# of people sniped from helicopters with a shotgun in BC2: 171, 111 pilots.

User Info: Get_ur_led_out

11 years ago#2
I just unlocked the AUG today, and tried using it and could hardly get a hit with the dang thing. Im just going to blame it on connection, and try it again some other time.

User Info: stormeye

11 years ago#3
XM8 - 8/10
F2000 - 4/10
AUG - 7/10 (terry is going to kill me for this...)

User Info: spammorebullets

11 years ago#4
1 XM8- 9/10
2 F2000- 7/10
3.AUG- 8/10

Have to say the AUG is my favorite out of all three of these especially since it was the first gun I got to platinum star, but the XM8 just seems so much better than it though. As for the F2000, I just really like it close range. Far, it just kinda... sucks.

User Info: hotdamnitssam

11 years ago#5
1 XM8- 9/10
2 F2000- 8/10
3.AUG- 8/10
GT: Zi11ah

User Info: Cramtron

11 years ago#6
I can't honestly rate any of these, because I haven't gotten more than 100 kills with any of them.

I can say, however:

-I hate the sound the XM8 makes, and I don't like the upward recoil.
-The F2000 is praised all around by the uber1337, but I can't work the thing at all. If they're past mid-range, forget it. You have to feather the trigger so fast, and each bullet does the amount of damage of a pinprick, by the time you've got them down to 10% health, they've taken cover.
-AUG, no problems with this gun other than the fact that I hate the iron sights.

No numbers. I can't give them honest numbers.
PSN: KingRatBile

User Info: shadow1175

11 years ago#7
XM8 9/10
F2000 5/10- I didn't have a very good experience with this gun.
AUG 9/10
C2O iPRO x10
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  3. Today's Rate That Weapon! 3 for 1: XM8 Prototype, F2000, and the STG 77 AUG
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