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royic 11 years ago#1
Hello, and welcome to Battlefield Bad Company 2. What? No, you've never read this before. This game is a bit unlike most other shooters, and you may have other questions. And this will be helpful to anyone who is new to the game, look at the basics of playing the game section to find out how to be not hated by everyone on your team! So to clear it up, please look for your question in this table of contents and don't force us board people to answer the same question twice a week.

If you find this thread useful, click on "message detail" of this post, and request a sticky. Also feel free to tell me if you appreciate this thread by posting.

Table of Contents

Before you Buy:
-Does this pick up from Bad Company 1?
-Can we play with PC/360/PS3 players?
-Dedicated Servers means what?
-Are there bots?
-Private Matches?
-What's limited edition/VIP?
-Can we fly planes?

Basics of Playing the Game:

-Game modes
-Destroying whole houses
-Different Classes

Unlocking Things:
-Et Tu Brute
-Get the M1 Garand
-Get the M1 Garand Bayonet

Non Obvious Gameplay Features:

-Use a parachute
-Use C4 with an assault class
-Make the UAV shoot bullets
-See My Health
-Killing people with shock paddles/repair tools
-How do I work this tracer dart?
-Spotting Scope

All the Other Questions:

-Going prone
-Hardcore Mode
-What are dogtags?
-Being revived/ my ticket?
-Bullet Drop
-In Depth Motion Mines
-Picking up Kits
Steam - Ducksaws
royic 11 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
Steam - Ducksaws
royic 11 years ago#3
------------------------Before You Buy---------------------------

Does this game pick up from Bad Company 1?
No. They have the same characters, but the game acts much like the story of BC1 never happened.

Can we play between PC, Xbox, and PS3 players online?

What are dedicated servers?
Bad Company 2 has dedicated servers. This means that the host of the game is not a player who is in the match with you. The host of the game is a server somewhere in a building watched over by EA or DICE. This means that the hosts cannot dashboard and end the match if things aren’t going their way. It also means that sometimes lag can get pretty bad for everyone, and that server maintenance can shut down the whole game occasionally.

Can you play offline with bots?
Yes, but only Onslaught Mode available for a cost in the in game store. (see later section on Onslaught Mode)

Are There Private Matches?
Yes. You can play private matches, but not by yourself. You will need at least 8 people (including yourself) over Xbox Live/PSN in the lobby to start a private match.

Can I Ever Get the Limited Edition Unlocks If I Don't Buy That Copy of the Game?
The Limited Edition game comes with a one use VIP code, which grants you anything in the store that has a price of “VIP”. You must buy the game unused to get this because the VIP code can only be used once, and probably was used already if you buy the game used. You can also buy VIP status in the in game store.

Are There Any Flyable Jets in BC2?

Does This Have Any Local Splitscreen Action?
Steam - Ducksaws
royic 11 years ago#4
-----------------------------Basics of Playing the Game--------------------—

What Game Modes Are There?

Conquest: The map is dotted with flags. Every flag, besides each team’s home base, can be captured. To capture a flag you must remain by the flag and keep all enemies away until the capture bar turns completely blue. Once captured, a flag acts as a spawn point for your team. Having the majority of the flags on the maps and killing enemies causes the other side’s tickets/reinforcements to drain. Once the enemy’s tickets reach 0, your team wins.

Rush: One side are attackers. Their mission is to destroy the MCOM stations in the defender’s base by any means possible. To do this they can either drain the MCOM’s health with explosives (rockets, C4, landmines, grenade launchers, tank shells, etc.), arm the MCOM and keep enemies from disarming it until it explodes, or causing the building it is in to collapse. The attackers only have 75 respawns to accomplish this. Once both crates at the defender’s base are destroyed, the attacker’s tickets will go back up to 75 and the defender’s next two MCOM’s will open up for attack. The defender’s usually have less vehicular support but also have infinite respawns.

Squad Rush: Rush, but with only 8 players. One 4 man squad of defenders, one 4-man squad of attackers.

Squad Deathmatch: Four squads compete against each other to get to 50 kills before any other squad. There is one light tank in the middle of the map.

Onslaught: This is a separate mode bought in the in-game store. Onslaught mode can be played offline solo, or online with up to three other people. Onslaught mode takes a Rush map, puts it in a different time of day, replaces the MCOMs with conquest flags, and fills the map with respawning enemy bots/AI. The human players must capture every flag from the respawning enemies to win. If all the human players are dead (if they all die close together so no one has time to respawn) the game ends.

Can You Destroy Whole Buildings? How? What Happens to the M-COM?

Yes, you have to blow them up until they collapse. There is no physics for this; once enough walls are blown out it will collapse. Doing this will kill everything, including the M-COM inside.

Using your class

Assault Class: It’s your job to be on the front lines shooting people. That’s what assault rifles are best at. It’s also your job to use your grenade launcher, use the 40mm to put holes in buildings that make walking around easier for your team. Use smoke to cover the MCOM so your teammates can arm it. But most importantly, use the directional pad to deploy ammo to your teammates.

Engineer: You are giver and taker of life err… armor. Vehicles! Your primary role is to shoot enemy vehicles with your rocket launcher and to repair friendly vehicles with your repair tool. It’s very hard to kill a tank being repaired by an engineer. You also rack up lots of points repairing. Remember to equip the tracer dart to give yourself an edge in destroying vehicles.

Medic: The title speaks for itself. Besides having a giant machine gun, you also have medkits and a defibrillator. 9 times out of 10, you will get more points deploying your medkits and reviving dead teammates than shooting enemies. So revive and medkit away!

Recon: You have a tough job. Your job is to know when to not exist. If there is already one guy with a good view of the battlefield and spotting, you aren’t necessary. If you are far back on offense, your teammates will hate you because you can’t arm the charge or provide a good spawn point. But by all means feel free to run around with a close range weapon throwing motion sensors to detect enemies on your whole team’s mini map, just try to keep your team from being 95% redundant long-range snipers.

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Steam - Ducksaws
royic 11 years ago#5
-----------------------------------Unlocking Stuff--------------------------

How do I get Et Tu Brute?
To get this achievement, you have to have 5 knife kills against someone on your friends list in a public match. They can’t be hard-core team kills. They can be the same person 5 times though.

What’s the deal with SPECACT
There was a promotion for this, which has ended. This allowed you to unlock the SPECACT weapons with codes off Doctor Pepper bottles. Now the only way to unlock them is to use the in game store. You could try emailing Doctor Pepper as well. The SPECACT weapons are camouflaged variants of the M16, M95 50. Cal, UMP, and MG3. They have the same stats however.

How Do I Get The M1 Garand?

Register at least two games (including Bad Company 2) at:

Is the M1 Garand Bayonet ever going to be unlocked?
No, it was a scrapped idea.

---------------------------------------Non Obvious Gameplay Features--------------------------

How do you spot enemies?
Hover your crosshairs over an enemy and press the back button (the "select" button of the 360/PS3 controller). A red dot will appear over their head that your whole team can see as long as a line of sight is maintained.

How do I use the parachute?
Press A (X on PS3) when you are in midair. Sometimes it will glitch and not open, so it's best to double tap A/X

How do I use C4 as the assault class?
You will get C4 in the place of your grenade launcher if you use the assault class without a gun with a grenade launcher, such as a shotgun, G3, etc.

How do I shoot the machine guns/rockets with the UAV and other vehicles?
With the default controls, the right bumper will fire the alternate weapon of a vehicle. You must have the alternate fire vehicle specialization equipped to fire the alternate weapon. Turn this on by finding it all the way to the right on the class customization menu when you spawn and navigating to it, though it is the last tier 3 specialization unlocked. After you turn this on, you can fire guided rockets with the light tank, machine gun fire with the heavy tanks, and machine gun fire with the UAV by pressing the right bumper.

Where Do I See My Health?
You don't. You just have to guess based on the bloody screen. When the blood goes away, it means you’re healing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at full health.

Can you kill people with the defibrillators/shock paddles?
Yes, but the range is less than for reviving

What's the Tracer Dart Do?
You shoot it at any vehicle or enemy (no bullet drop) and it will stick on. Zoom in with the RPG or M2 Carl Gustav and you will see a yellow square around the vehicle. Aim at the vehicle until you see a distance counter near the square. This means you are locked on, now when you shoot the rocket it will home in on the vehicle. The rocket won’t avoid any obstacles in the way, so it’s best to shoot it high in the air so it won’t hit anything before the target.

What does the spotting scope do?
The spotting scope automatically spots enemies if they are in your cross hairs for a short time. This is the same kind of spot effect as mentioned above, only without pressing the back button.
Steam - Ducksaws
royic 11 years ago#6
------------------------All Other Questions--------------------

Can You Go Prone?

Why Not

DICE felt that prone added nothing to game. According to them, because it slows down the combat (everyone going prone immediately after being shot at) and makes snipers even harder to find, and a slew of other reasons.

What's Hardcore Mode?
No red dots appear over enemies’ heads when they are spotted, there is no mini map, players have half as much health than in regular mode, no weapon cross hairs, no health regen, no weapon display (ammo counter etc), friendly fire, and you cannot see your vehicle’s health even while repairing it. This a separate filter for finding online matches.

Do your dogtags carry over from the demo?

What’s with these dog tags?
You get one whenever you knife someone. You can go back and look at all of them in your stats. Different colored ones represent the rank of the player you knifed.
Under Rank 22 - Bronze
22 and over - Silver
41 and over – Gold

Does Being Revived Refund Your Ticket?
Yes. You will still have a death counted to your stats, but your ticket will come back upon revival.

How Many C4 Does it Take to Destroy a Crate?
9 with the explosives damage perk, 12 without it.

How many C4 to destroy a Tank?
2 at full health

Do Landmines Stay After I Die?
yes, you can die and switch to a rocket launcher and they will stay.

How Many Landmines Can I Place?
After you place your 7th landmine, the first one you placed will disappear. So 6 at a time.

What is bullet drop and travel time?
Bullet drop means you have to aim above enemies at long distances because gravity pulls the bullet down the farther it goes. Travel time means you have to aim ahead of targets because it takes time for the bullet to get from your rifle to the target.

Is bullet drop the same for every gun?

There are three categories for bullet drop.
Category 1: Lots of bullet drop (all bolt action rifles except M95)
Category 2: Some bullet drop (Heavy MGs and M95)
Category 3: Almost none (All other guns)

What's this ball thing with the Recon Class?
A motion mine. You throw it and it will detect enemies on your mini map, but it will NOT spot them. You get motion assist points if someone inside the radius of your sensor is killed by your team.

Do I Keep My Uniform If I Switch Kits?
Yes. Only the gun changes. You will keep your ghillie suit if you pick up a new gun.

annnnnnnd done. You can post now.
Steam - Ducksaws
dc3 11 years ago#7
dragoonsoul 11 years ago#8
Rush, but with only 8 players. One 4 man squad of defenders, one 4-man squad of attackers

I think this could have a little more detail......

- Only 2 crates (1 per "base")

- Attackers get 20 tickets
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Get_ur_led_out 11 years ago#9
Sticky requested
(message deleted)
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