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  3. Let's hope this is going to be decent

User Info: FerusOccisor

10 years ago#1
The PSP has almost no decent warfare strategy title. Endwar is nice but not very deep, Field Commander...bleagh.

The best so far would be R-Type, but it doesn't have tanks ;)

I'm looking forward to this title, expecting something like Panzer General or Battle Isle.
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User Info: melovesmeme

10 years ago#2
I hope its like Hearts of iron 2

User Info: lostcali8

10 years ago#3

Field Commander and Warhammer 40k were great.

This, not so much...

User Info: temporarykid

10 years ago#4
If you are desperate for another TBS game you should check out the Daisenryaku games.
Sadly they are in Japanese but there are faq's by 'jvgfanatic' for translations on the menus, etc.

Daisenryaku Portable

Daisenryaku Portable 2

If you have cfw and a SNES emulator you can even try the older Daisenryaku Expert
I remember having an interesting time figuring out the menu's, etc many years ago and also had alot of fun (even though the computer took a long time to move all its units).

User Info: ponosmcgee

10 years ago#5
Seconding Daisenryaku. The depth and sheer amount of units make up for the relatively minor shortcomings of a brutal AI and overpowered infantry.
Hahahaha, Mace Windu can so awesome.

User Info: hungrywolf2

10 years ago#6

This seems like a good game. I have played it for 2 hours or so and I really like it. Though, Field Commander is the No.1 strategy game on the PSP, this game is also great fun.

User Info: TimeLadyAlt

10 years ago#7
This is a pretty good game, it reminds me a lot of Axis and Allies.
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  3. Let's hope this is going to be decent
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