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User Info: spy2828

10 years ago#1

Before proceeding to the error fixes, make sure that your computer meets Need for Speed Shift's minimum system requirements. Fixes for NFS Shift errors and problems are posted below.

Need for Speed Shift's Minimum system requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO @ 1.6 GHz

Memory: 1 GB

Hard Drive: 6 GB Free

Video Memory: 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT/ATI Radeon X1800)

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

DirectX: 9.0c

Keyboard & Mouse


Problem #1. Need for Speed Shift freezes randomly every x seconds.
Solution #1: (posted by dashadowpl) If you have Bitdefender installed, disable or uninstall it completely. It is known to cause Need for Speed Shift to freeze at random intervals.
Solution #2: Disable your internet firewall or add EA Nation and Need for Speed Shift to the list of exceptions. EA Nation can trigger false positives from your Firewall and can cause the game to freeze because EA Nation's connection gets interrupted.
Solution #3 : (posted by kevlahnota ) Graphic Corruption usually occurs when using incompatible drivers or overheating issues. Update Your Video Card Drivers may fix the problem. Another common fixes are lower your resolution and turn off all eye candy in the game like motion blur, etc. and set all settings to low. If it runs fine then you may increase your setting gradually and find your optimal settings. Make sure to check also your controller/gamepad drivers if you have any, it might be conflicting on the game.

Problem #2. Need for Speed Shift Graphics is corrupted / Need for Speed Shift textures are corrupted / Artifacting
Solution #1: Make sure that you are not running the game with an overclocked video card
Solution #2: Make sure that your video card is not overheating.

Problem #3. Triangles,colored bars appear or random flashing (especially on tracks), most notably when Need for Speed Shift switches from menu to the actual game.
Solution : See solution posted for #2

Problem #4. NFS Shift crashes on ATI cards
Solution #1 : Install the Catalyst 9.9 drivers for ATi
Solution #2: (as posted by cem_ea_id)

I surprised and curious as to why newer games don't automatically disable both Visual Themes and Desktop Composition. However, this is what some of you will need to do. You can do this by Right Clicking on:
-Click on the Compatibility Tab
-Place check marks on both Disable visual theme and Disable desktop composition
-Hit the Apply Button
-Hit the OK button
-Double left click on shift.exe

Problem #5. NFS Shift crashes on the first test lap
Solution : (as posted by pangwi on the NFS forums)

Install the game, if you're facing this problem then the
Known possible work-around thus far. (These are not step by step, but just try either one, or a combinations of them)
1) After installation, reinstall PhysX, removed your old drivers profile from My Documents
2) Run everything on DEFAULT, no change and no touching on graphic settings.
3) You could possibly "test-out" a similar aspect ratio to your native monitor resolution. However, after setting it, save the driver's profile (in-game), Quit the game and re-run, hit Career and DO NOT TOUCH graphic settings.
4) Change the CONTROLLERS, choose the preset number that suit the CONTROLLER DEVICE that you're using.
5) Turning off SLI and Xfire is said to give better FPS.
6) Cut and copy the driver's profile and configuration file to your desktop. Technically it means delete and reset. Re-run and re-config until u can run it.
7) Graphic settings that known to be working - Medium or MAX on all settings. For some, selecting the suitable V-Sync seems to do the trick.

Problem #6. Need for speed shift runs slow on Ati Cards
Solution : Follow the steps outlined in Step #5 of this NFS Shift fix guide

Problem #7. Game loads screen and gets to the driver safety page and this error message pops out : "shift.exe has encountered a problem"
Solution :

The one thing I can reproduce is that the game crashes when going to cockpit every time I start it unless I:
a) remove graphicsconfig.xml from my NFS SHIFT directory
b) start the game and reconfigure the graphics
c) quit and restart the game again

Problem #8. Need for speed Shift Stuttering audio / cracking audio / no sound problem
Solution : Turn down/off Directsound Acceleration.

Problem #9. Black screen problem Need for speed shift startup
Solution #1 : Try running NFS Shift on windows 98 compatibility mode, this should make the game work. If you feel like you've lost some frames/sec with this method then try to update your graphics card drivers and if that doesnt boost the game performance, post your system specs on the comment box below along with w/e drivers or service packs your OS is using to run the game.
Solution #2 : use the anti-Blackscreen NFS Shift config file and methods here http://filenetworks.blogspot.com/2009/09/updated-fix-for-nfs-shift-black-screen.html

Problem #10. [Report an error/fix on the comment box below]
Solution :

—- end of Need for speed Shift list of errors —-

article from gamingnewslink.com

User Info: slblack

10 years ago#2
Painfully long loading times?

I got xp sp3, 2gb ram and 3.0 core2duo

The loading times rival crysis sometimes.

User Info: Seal64

10 years ago#3
Tuning a Works upgraded Murcièlago breaks it. Have one, fully upgraded, did 300+ kph just yesterday, decided to tweak the downforce. Noticed that the top speed dropped to 240 kph, which wasn't entirely unexpected since increasing downforce drops top speed anyway, and I didn't know how big the influence would be. However, I then reset the tuning back to the way it was before, but the top speed is still capped at 240. The car simply does not accelerate once I shift into 6th. When shifting into 6th early (at 230 kph instead of the indicated 240), it stopped accelerating. When shifting back to 5th, it accelerated to 240 again. WTF?

User Info: Keivz_basic

10 years ago#4
slblack posted...
Painfully long loading times?

I got xp sp3, 2gb ram and 3.0 core2duo

The loading times rival crysis sometimes.

Install the latest patch. Made my load times closer to Grid. I used to be able to fix a sandwich or read a paragraph out of a book with the old load times. Now it barely makes it through two 'pro-tip' screens.

User Info: fat_pizza

10 years ago#5
Every now & then race's will load with a pitch black sky. Last event i saw it in was the BMW E36 Drift event.
Theres a hole in the sky, Through which things can fly!
PSN: ShadowGT-R

User Info: spy2828

10 years ago#6

slblack posted...
Painfully long loading times? I got xp sp3, 2gb ram and 3.0 core2duo The loading times rival crysis sometimes.

This is

This is an in-game problem. THe only thing you can do is to try the latest patch

User Info: spy2828

10 years ago#7

Problem #11. Shift.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

Solution #1 : Uninstall Nvidia Physx and install it from SHIFT DVD

Solution #2 :

Edit the graphicsconfig.xml with notepad.
[My Documents -> NFS Shift]
Make a backup copy of it.


This way, the game runs at 1024*768 res., but fullscreen.

Set "Shift.exe" to compatibility mode for "Windows98/ME".

Run the game, go to Options -> Graphics. Set:

V-Sync -> ON
Texture Filtering -> Bilinear
Shadow -> Off [Thats sad, but it works]
Texture Detail -> High

Turn almost all to Off or Low

-> Don't Change Resolution in Options menu.

Use the Mouse/Keyboard for car control.

Race through your career/quick race.
If works well without crashing, change the graphics options for much more details, but one setting at a time.

Try another career race/quick race to test.

Can change the controls to use gamepad/wheel afterwards.

For my system, sadly the shadow detail was the problem.
All settings are now to medium/high, except shadow.
Using also a custom gamepad.

Game hasn't crashed since then.

-> IF you don't need EA Nation Online, disable it.
[Options -> Online -> AutoLogin - OFF].

I disabled it because I don't use it, and it annoys me every time the game starts.

Also allow your Firewall, full acess to Shift.exe.
[Control Panel -> Windows Firewall]

User Info: kyntrel

10 years ago#8
a problem i'm having is that my keyboard does not work. cant get past the loading screens, tried every damn button o nthis keyboard hoping the default keys were just set out of whack some how.

User Info: freak1231

10 years ago#9

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble running NFS with good FPS.

When its just me, or just me and one other opponent, it runs fine. But as soon as I get into a race (actually it seemed worse now that I am in tier 2, than tier 1 races) with like 6 or more opponents it runs like crap.

I have tried running everything on medium, and dont think I need to go to low.

These are my specs.

Palit HD4870

4gb 1066mhz corsair dominator RAM

Gigabyte X48-DQ6 mobo

Intel Q6600 CPU

Vista Ultimate 64bit.

If you need to know other specs, let me know

User Info: freak1231

10 years ago#10

Update, its just crashing now. I have tried these fixes, but still nothing.

Its awesome having paid of the bloody game and not being able to play it.

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