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HTW 3 years ago#1
I played this game back when it was fairly new and enjoyed just about everything about it. So I restarted it recently for a second go.

The DLC sequences sound interesting but they're still full-priced. If anyone has them, do you think they're worthwhile? As in, the storylines and missions are well-done and not exactly like the rest of the game?
Whyt17 3 years ago#2
I reckon if you enjoyed just about everything about the game you’ll like the DLC. It is a shame after all this time it’s not any cheaper, however I bought ACII only a year ago for $8 so I could justify spending on the DLC when I was already saving cash.

The Battle of Forli is probably the weaker of the two pieces, there’s a lot of melee fighting, however the parts with Caterina Sforza are good as she’s a strong character with a great voice actor. Also it gives you a chance to get the “fly swatter” achievement which may be good if you missed it in the original game.

The Bonfire of the Vanities is the better of the two simply as there’s more actual assassination targets, so you get to do more of what Ezio does best. Plus you get the last viewpoints in the game if you’re a completionist 😉
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stabguy 3 years ago#3
Bonfire of the Vanities is awesome because it has 9 well designed assassinations. That's like a whole game's worth of prime targets!

I agree with Whyt17 about The Battle of Forli. It's mostly sword fights and cut scenes. There are two assassinations but one of them doesn't leave much room for creativity.
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RiKuToTheMiGhtY 3 years ago#4
Both are worth getting.
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HTW 3 years ago#5
Thanks for the detailed replies!

I got the game for free originally, then re-bought it for also $8, so I suppose the DLC price is acceptable.
HTW 3 years ago#6
Just bumping this to mention that I've played through both DLC sequences. The prices had gone down, but for some reason there were 2 available copies of each; one for $6.99 and one for $3.99 (CAD).

I'd say they were pretty worth-it for the lower prices. There was some good dialogue, and most of the battles / assassinations were more challenging than the rest of the game.
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