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User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
9 years ago#1
Alright, so I just finished writting up my 35 page analysis of the plot and submitted it as an FAQ to Gamefaqs. I figured now would be a good time to reveal what I consider to be the biggest hidden fact in the puzzles aside from "The Truth" and the nature of the Assassins.

As many of you know, there are hidden codes in the puzzles that are entirely optional. The one in Puzzle 3: Descendents in the picture of FDR is written in a Masonic script called Pigpen. It indicates that George Washington had a Piece of Eden, and that the Masons (or the Freemasons) brought the Piece of Eden across the sea. Well, a little research, and I found that Washington and Franklin Roosevelt were BOTH members of this secretive fraternal group called the Freemasons. Its kind of a 400 year old secret club that only men can join, and apparently, it was pretty hot in the old days of America, as a LOT of presidents were in it. Well, it is said in the picture that FDR's "inheritance" was the Apple (Piece of Eden 3), and George Washington had the SAME Apple (PE3) 150 years before, and that he passed it down. Well, thats all well and good . . . so I did some research.

Turns out that the Freemasons, being a secret society and all, have a few secrets. And the biggest conspiracy theory, over 200 years old, is that they are a cover organization for the Templar! The real Templar, anyway. If this is to be taken as true (and in the Assassin's Creed universe, real life conspiracies theories are always true in the game), then this means the Freemasons are a powerful, secretive organization with influential members, controlled by the Templar!

So it turns out lots of people have that bit figured out. However, there was one other tie in that relied upon that piece of information. Puzzle 6: Brothers concerns Cain and Able. It has a piece of scripture about Cain above each image, but it is NOT from the bible. At the end of it, a bit of Morse code, when translated says "TEMPLAR TEXTS ADAPTED BY MR SMITH". Well, I figured that was a dead-end, what with a name like Smith, but that these must be secret Templar records of some sort. So I about gave up. However, I did some research into the scripture, as I did not recognize it. It mentioned a title "Master Mahan". With a little digging, I found that this name is virtually exclusive to Mormon scripture. Well, I thought that was interesting. Then I found out that the founder of the Mormon order was named Joseph Smith, and that he created the religion by "translating" a divine book that only he could read. And what did I find next? Joseph Smith was a Freemason. Several of its founders were, actually. And the Mormon order has been acused and the subject of a few conspiracies itself as being an offshoot of the Freemason society.

If all of this is true, then this means that not only are the Freemasons a cover organization for the Templar, but that the Mormon order is as well! Not to mention, about 15 US presidents have been Freemasons. This is a pretty big reveal as far as the plot goes. Any thoughts?

tl;dr - Mormons are Freemasons, Freemasons are Templar. 15 US presidents are Templar. We're all going to die.

User Info: Shadowmaster_M

9 years ago#2
Mormons! Hadn't thought of that, well done.
The Book of Mormon; Indecipherable text on golden plates? Sounds like a Piece of Eden.
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User Info: The_Nilator

9 years ago#3
This made my eyes bleed.

User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
9 years ago#4
I would love to see one as a book.

I'm a sucker for cataloguing, so the idea of more varied types of Pieces of Eden interests me. You know who I think is key for getting more? Perseus. The puzzles showed that he had Piece of Eden 25, the Sword. But Perseus, in the myths, had a TON of cool stuff. He had the shield of Athena (Athena's other name is Minerva!), the invisibility helmet of Hades, the flying golden boots of Hermes, and some other cool stuff. He also had a golden mechanical animatronic owl provided by everyone's favorite goddess of wisdom and war, Athena(Minerva)!

User Info: Nicodaemos

9 years ago#5
That... Actually makes sense. I was expecting a joke topic >.>
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User Info: Theokhoth

9 years ago#6

Just because some quotes by Joseph Smith were attributed to Templar-related artwork doesn't mean the Church of Latter-Day Saints is a Templar organisation. It could be unrelated altogether or it could be that Smith was in the possession of a PoE but didn't know exactly what it was.

User Info: ZyeHatosu

9 years ago#7
Don't you fight Perseus in God of War 2?
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User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
9 years ago#8
Potentially, and at first, I thought the same. However, I feel that Smith's status as a Freemason, as random as it is, locks him in as a Templar. Which I doubt even 1% of the Mormon religion (In the Assassin's Creed world) is even aware of the Templar influence, I would say the leaders might be. Same with the Freemasons. Both are too big to trust every member. I am not 100% certain that this is the correct interpretation of this evidence, but I feel very confident that I have come close to hitting the nail on the head.

User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
9 years ago#9
I think you do. Just like the Tunguska Event caused the events of the Resistance series. Too much cool stuff for one game to expand upon!

User Info: ICEman Morgs

ICEman Morgs
9 years ago#10
How many people DON'T know about the Freemasons? It's pretty well out there in popular culture - The Simpsons made a big deal out of it with the Stonecutters, Monty Python had a great series of sketches about them, hell even The Flintstones had their version of the Freemasons.

Yeah, the Freemasons are a "secret society" with ties to powerful people, though today it seems they hardly influence anything at all. There's all sorts of rituals and prayers and ceremonies that all just seem like arbitrary BS. My flatmate's a Freemason, I've read his ritual book - even that has little bits of code missing though.

And yeah, he said basically there's a bunch of different "career paths" you can go through in the Freemasons winfing up in different sub-orders - including, oddly enough, The Templar Order.

So yeah, if anyone has any wonder about the connection, the Freemasons themselves believe that they contain the remaining descendance of the Templars.
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