Quantum pre-order bonus revealed!

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User Info: Lindsay

6 years ago#1
"While supplies last, customers ordering this limited edition will also recieve a black .hack//Quantum USB bracelet! The bracelet can hold up to 512 MB of storage and is preloaded with wallpapers."

This is far less random then the music player pouch that came with Roots Vol.3... I think lol. Can't wait ta get them wallpapers! This is only available through rightstuf btw. Its also on sale at the moment but I'm not cancelling & re-ordering for cheaper cause I dun wanna risk missing out on that bracelet o.o!
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User Info: OtakuD50

6 years ago#2
I read "bracelet" and got all excited. Then I saw the pic and shrugged. Still looks like something I'd actually use though. Plus, no one makes low-capacity USB drives anymore so that's another plus for me.
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User Info: rpgplayer6787

6 years ago#3
Actually, you still see low capacity USB storage devices used in promo goods like this fairly often, mostly due to cheapness.
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