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User Info: Lazy Jones

Lazy Jones
10 years ago#1
Hmm, well, I guess not by the number of posts. This game looks crazy, but might have some potential, I think I'll pass though.
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User Info: bdozer13

10 years ago#2
if it was only 20 bucks

User Info: brainsaber

10 years ago#3
Summarize the game for me in one sentence.
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User Info: Blind_Squirrel_

10 years ago#4
Is it PSN game, or a disc?

User Info: K1llS1gnal

10 years ago#5
ummm... no... if you take a game of skill and then allow cheat to win... dumb

User Info: RealJustin

10 years ago#6
Yeah, because I'm sure they didn't balance the game or anything like that, it's just cheating all the time...

Think before you post.

User Info: Poxxer

10 years ago#7
PSN game. It came out today. $9.99
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User Info: K1llS1gnal

10 years ago#8
hey asshat... they should have made an all new card game... not defile an existing one.

User Info: HitMan0420

10 years ago#9
^You're an idiot. Have you even tried this game? Probably not. Give it a shot first and you'll probably enjoy it as much as the original

User Info: K1llS1gnal

10 years ago#10
if they made a new game it might sound like something i want to play... i think the concept sucks thank you very much...
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