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User Info: isamu

5 years ago#1
OK so by now you guys know I'm finally back into playing the PC version of OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast, thanks to some friends of mine releasing a couple of fantastic Utilities: vJoy and UJR.

Anyway, I've completed all but Holly's mission. I've unlocked most of her stages, but there are stage missions falling into the Special Request, Special Request 2 and Special Requests 3 category. I am trying to get to SP1 for her Skyscrapers Photograph the Sights mission.

There are two stages leading up to Sky Scrapers: Casino and Metropolis. I can and have AAA'd both of them, but for some reason I get NO special request from Holly upon entering Sky Scrapers. Just the normal version with Memorize the Sequence and Count the Cars. Sky Scrapers only has one Special Request and that's for Photograph the Sights, but how do I activate it? Why doesn't getting an AAA on the previous stage activate it?

Very confusing this chick's mission is. Please help.
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: isamu

5 years ago#2
Phew....At last!





Man....Holly's missions weren't overbearingly difficult per se, but unlocking her Special Request 2 and 3 stages was a nightmare and a chore. You have to get at least AA on nearly every stage in a row leading up to the last stage in order to get to Special Request 3. Unlocking it for Capeway was a pain in the ass! Oh and if I never hear her ask me to "Photograph the Sights" or "Do the Math" again it'll be too soon.

Well that completes Coast 2 Coast mode. Last time I fully 100%'ed and AAA'ed the whole game was on the original Xbox years ago. Was never really a fan of this mode at all, except for Flagman's missions which are cool.

At this point I'm *ONLY* around 260,000 OR Miles away from being able to purchase every last thing in the Showroom lol. But at least now I can simply play and enjoy Arcade SP or OutRun mode, and focus on the part of the game I like most....the RACING! ;)
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: isamu

5 years ago#3
Howard_Casto posted...
If you are running the Japanese version on the ps2 it is significantly harder than the pc version, or at least that's what I've been told.

Not true at all. I too have played the Japanese import *extensively* up to somewhere around Jennifer's missions. Flagman is done. I imported the actual game years ago when it came out and can tell you the difficulty of both ports are identical(at least to my eyes). I've never had any difficulty pulling off goal completions for Flagman or Clarisa on the PS2 JPN version any more than I did on the PC version. Seemed exactly the same.

I was going to give up on the PC version entirely until recently because of all the enthusiastic discussion here about the game(Thanks Howard ;) ). I was not going to touch it ever again and had already committed to playing the Japanese import via PCSX2 emulator.

Speaking of which, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to playing the PS2 import in PCSX2 over playing the PC port that I figure I'd mention:


A)You get pretty good rumble via the Lilypad plugin. It's not true Logitech campatible ffb mind you, but it's certainly better than nothing.

B)Instead of having to wait for the long intro or wait for loading times, etc, you can just hit a key and load a save state right into where the race starts. Much more convenient.


A)Despite my initial impressions of thinking this PS2 port looked on par with the PC version, even when playing it upscaled at 6x internal resolution and applying FXAA, it still looks quite subpar to the PC version and the textures are not as detailed(duh!). The Jungle stage's rocks and trees are a prime example...they look blurred or stretched and look "flatter".

After I fired up the PC version for the first time in over a year, I immediately noticed the difference in picture quality. Not that this should come as a shock to anyone, I'm just pointing it out nonetheless.

B)Although OutRun 2 SP Japanese import runs quite well in PCSX2, it isn't perfect...the speed and motion of the game tends to look a bit "framey" in some spots, despite FRAPS' counter being rock solid at 60fps.

C)Furthermore, and this is the biggest issue that annoys me....there are very [b]nasty[/b] split-second hiccups during gameplay when you're driving. I'm talking like half a second very noticeable stutters that occur like every minute or so. They mainly seem to be triggered when colliding with the objects on the side of the track. This was annoying enough to make me stop playing the game despite my best efforts to ignore it.

I love getting rumble delivered to my wheel with this game but these stutters were a deal breaker. Everyone's PC rig is different so perhaps you guys don't experience the same issue, but I've tried nearly every setting in PCSX 2 short of running it in software mode(which introduces a bunch of nasty graphical problems) and haven't had any luck eliminating it. Oh well.

Bottomline is the PS2 JPN version via emulation is a great alternative but if you own the PC version that's the one to play. Now that I've sorted out all my steering wheel and pedal issues, I'm not mad at the PC version anymore :lol:
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: model3

5 years ago#4
cool, yep. all the versions are fun. xbox, pc, ps2, psp.

xbox for chihiro
pc for coolness
ps2 for just amazing that it was made
psp for the best portable game ever made.
XBL & PSN: AM2Model3
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