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User Info: Eric43

5 years ago#61
That's awesome man. Plus I can't believe this topic hasn't been locked yet! Yes sir...
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User Info: isamu

5 years ago#62
model3 posted...
my vegas hotel had a twin scudrace cabinet. haha. life is good

That's awesome!

Oh and what's this? I'm actually BACK INTO PLAYING PC VERSION OF OUTRUN 2006?????? STOP THE PRESS!

LOL yeah I know I know....I've bashed the PC version to hell and back and vowed to never play it again. However a couple of things have changed since then:

1)The reason I stopped playing the PC version in the first place, is because of the horrid controller support and all the crazy amount of hoops I had to jump through to get it working with my setup, which includes multiple separate USB devices.

Previously, the game would just go haywire and I'd have to fiddle with calibrating my wheel pedals and assigning buttons EVERY time I wanted to play it.

Furthermore, there is a VERY NASTY bug that actually corrupts your saved game, and wipes out all of your OutRun miles and renames your License name to "Dest". This in particular was prohibiting me from enjoying the game properly, as I couldn't even collect Outrun miles without having them wiped out before.

But now, with a little effort and some serious google searching, things have changed and I have been fortunate enough to discover several utilities that fixes all these controller problems.

A)A rare hard to find patch for PPJOY, that moves the virtual joystick it creates up to the top of the controller list, making Windows 7 see it as Joystick ID#1. This was very VERY HELPFUL!!!

B)A utility called Frank N Stick that allows you to create and customize a virtual joystick, including being able to map and assign axis from ANY of your multiple USB controllers to ANY axis, button or other function on your Virtual Joystick. This program is a GODSEND!

C)A Windows app custom written by a friend of mine, called x360ce. This is not the exact same x360ce app you might already be familiar with. This version of the app from my bro Racer_S, allows me to apply a virtual center spring to my FFB wheel at ANY time! But it needs another application to activate it. So what I did was I placed it in the same directory as a PS1 emu called PCSX.

Now, double clicking PCSX activates the x360ce.dll file, and sends the center spring effect to my steering wheel, giving it a nice bouncy and springy feel. I can fully customize the amount of spring and wheel "bouncy-ness" to however strong or week I want. Adding a little bit of the "inertia" effect also helps tremendously with the effect as well.

This x360.dll file in particular, works wonders and really helps with OutRun 2006 PC, since the game doesn't support FFB of any kind, and doesn't even deliver any spring effect to my wheel, leaving it feeling loose and sloppy during gameplay. Now with the center spring effect it feels like a nice old arcade cabinet spring wheel. Very very VERY useful!!!

.....to be continued....
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: isamu

5 years ago#63

Furthermore, I've also sorted out the bug that corrupts my License data. After several LONG AND GRUELING hours of frustration and trial and error, I figured out the problem. If you launch the game with 4 or more USB devices connected to your PC, and then enter the controls configuration menu, that's when the bug kicks in and screws up your saved game/license data. So now, I figured out that all you have to do is launch the game and make sure it loads with only 3 controllers connected, then plug the 4th one back in, and you can proceed to enter the controller config menu and calibrate and assign anything you like.

Gosh....I can't tell you how relieved I am that this is has been figured out. Now I can play the game and collect as many Outrun miles as I want, without worrying about them being wiped away or my progress being screwed up.

Last but not least guys, there is a post processing utility for Windows called Sweetfx. It's for D3D *only* and is similar to ENBSeries. Grab it from here:


Then grab a cool and useful UI/Frontend called "The configurator tool" from here:


Then you need to use the ENB converter. What this is, is a file that will convert Directx8 to Directx9, and since OutRun is Dx8, this will allow it to be seen as a Dx9 game...then it will be recognized by SweetFX and will work! Just download the zip file, and then extract it into the OutRun folder. Then run SweetFX again.

The Converter is here:


This utility can enhance the look and picture of OutRun 2006 and the game looks bonkers with these arcade CRT monitor effects!!!


There's a ton of interesting things you can do with sweetfx. Just extract the files into the game you want to run it with and you're golden! :)

Also works in Model 2 emu!!!!!


But not in Supermodel unfortunately :( :( :(

If someone knows of a good OpenGL to D3D Wrapper/converter *other* than Qindie or GLdirect5, let me know. I tried both in Supermodel but it just crashes. I think in GLDirect5's case, it might due to GLDirect5 supporting OGL only up to 1.xx.

With all of these things combined, the PC version of Outrun 2006 is finally playable from a controller input standpoint, and all of the problems associated with controllers and wheels, etc are GONE! Plus with SweetFX the game looks FANTASTIC!!! I can now fire up the game and play it with my wheel and go straight into a race without having to fiddle with the controller configuration. Yippeee! Back into OR2 PC version in a big way!!!!!!!!!!
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: Noobsaibot_21

5 years ago#64
Have you looked into Demul's Model 3 emulator? If it's out, perhaps that has some options Bart's doesn't have...
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User Info: isamu

5 years ago#65
I don't think demul supports force feedback and I hear the model 3 portion of the emulator is simply subpar compared to Barts. I'll just stick with SM for now since lack of SFX isn't that big of a deal.
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: model3

5 years ago#66
supermodel ftw! = )
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User Info: isamu

5 years ago#67
model3 posted...
supermodel ftw! = )

You betcha!!! :)

I need like 255,000 OR2 Miles in order to buy everything remaining in the showroom! Gonna take a while to rack up those miles!
OR 2006: Coast2Coast city here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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