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User Info: Atariboy1982

7 years ago#11
I was just suggesting a science experiment to confirm it. I wasn't doubting you in the slightest.

It's useful information if you could since like I said, I found no references of such a bug being present after doing a search. At the very least, upon confirmation, you could submit it to GameFaqs for inclusion on the Cheats section of that game entry (Or if refused, perhaps a stickied warning in the forum) and perhaps save someone else the hassle of discovering that down the road like you did and losing years of game saves.

You're the better Daytona USA driver, no doubt. They never wowed me like they did for many of you guys so I never invested the time to even be semi competitive (Which I was in the Outrun games at least, although still a 2nd tier driver compared to someone like yourself since I played it casually and a mistake or two was far from uncommon during the course of 5 stages..never quite got things down where I could consistently give 100% during the course of the average run free of any significant failures).

Most of my Saturn racing time was spent on Outrun and Sega Rally. I might've even played the Race Drivin' port more than either of the Daytona USA releases.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#12
It's a hard one as I only like adding info if I know the facts.

I had another play last night without saving... Looks like the game is bugged anyway. Level 2 for some strange reason the aliens would disappear through the floor after been killed, yet walking over the space the acid would still get you even tho the floor is clean. On my next go starting over - level 2 was fine and the aliens would stay in view after death!

Bugged game more like...

It's funny playing some of the old games and especially the ones not played in yonks. Daytona 96/ CCE made me want to puke. After a while I got 1at place on all tracks and wow I unlocked the real Hornet - and then how broken was the game with a super slick and fast hornet car... No hope what so ever for this version. It's the little things like that you forget haha! Oh... and the manual hornet was blue DOH!

Sega Rally a fine game! If you have the European version and another thing I forgot. You can race super fast Dev's ghosts on each course in Time Attack! That was cool. This is only in the EU version mind. This alone is worth playing even now. WHAT A GAME!
It's like Racing Team MARUBAKU at Sega Rally, tho yeah they have a crap start but after that they are on your case! :)
Some good has come from a save memory wipe. ;-)
XBL Gamertag: F40

User Info: Ikaruga_DC

7 years ago#13
You wont be missing much if you dont play this game anyway.
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